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Finally!!! Create your own PERSONALIZED list of affirmations that make sense for you and your life!!! Don't restrict yourself to a preset list of affirmations created by someone else. Affirm thoughts that are applicable to YOU and what YOU want in life!

MyFirmations is a simple application intended to assist users in creating and maintaing a positive, happy, fulfilling life. Just as you "are what you eat" many people find that "you are what you say and think." Say positive things and positive things will happen to you. Say negative things and life will constantly be difficult.

Anytime you catch yourself saying something negative or you just feel like affirming all the good in your life, open up MyFirmations and flip through your own customized list of affirmations. Confirming your affirmations many times a day will help reinforce a positive mindset

Make sure to enter only phrases and thoughts that are positive in nature! For example, instead of saying "I don't want to be poor anymore" confirm the affirmation "Money is attracted to me like a magnet." Another great affirmation to get you started is "I believe in myself." Your list of affirmations is limited only by your imagination and the amount of memory in your device. You can add, modify and delete your own specialized list of affirmations with ease!

There is no guarantee that your life will change overnight or be "perfect" in any way, after using MyFirmations. However, by repeatedly confirming "good" thoughts, new thinking patterns may develop, leading to a new perspective on life that aids in the creation of abundance in your life. Try it out. After all, what could it hurt to think positive thoughts in today's world? :)


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