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MyInterest 4 (Compound Interest Calculator) Download

Aug'2014: Calculate Compound Interest to Make More!

MyInterest 4 designed with Best User Experience screen is Best Rated and Easiest to use Compound Interest Calculator, Simple Interest Calculator and also Annuity Calculator. Both APY or APR and Compounding times are supported! Additions (Contributions) apply and remove easily!

-Designed with extreme simplicity in mind. It can be used by a teenager or your grandmother!
-Instant calculation that shows Instant Results with Animation in Result Panel every time you make a change. There is No calculate button.
-If you terminate the App or a phone call terminates it, this Keeps your Last Screen fully intact.
-You can also Save any Screen for Reference. This can be Later Retrieved as a Reference with all its settings and calculation. There is one reference that can be overwritten multiple times. -This can be very handy for any quick comparisons. This Reference is separate from terminated last screen!
-Additions (Contributions) on top of your Normal Compound Interest Calculation. These are also called Ordinary Annuity or End of Month/ Yearly contributions. Toolbar turns RED when Additions are ACTIVE.
- Use the Reset Icon at the bottom right next to info Button Option Reset to Zero Values. Or Triple Tap to Reset All Values to Zero.
-Handles calculations from few Hundreds to Millions with Instant Term variation from Days to Months to Years.
-Detailed help with Video Links

-Allows Any possibility for Compounding Times in APR mode. So suppose compounding is 7 times a Year. Use Other field for that.
-For Simple Interest, that is very common in Brokerage CDs, use 0 in Other field since Simple Interest is really 0 compounding in a year!
-Supports both modes in which Banks Advertise their Certificate of deposits -- Annual Percentage Yield (APY) or Annual Percentage Rate (or simply called as Interest Rate or APR) with Compounding times.
-Converts calculation in a Natural Language Form using Given, When, Then to make you understand what is really happening with your money
-Average Monthly Income. This allows to Calculate and Compare to Reference taking Month as a Unit of comparison.
-Undo Reference can be used after Retrieve reference.

-(only in iOS 4.0 and above)Slide and Change.
Both the Entered and the Adjust Views(slide and change) are always in sync, so you can switch views easily! The range of slider is 0 to 2 times the entered value in Enter View.
- iAd shows only when there is enough space as in "Additions" screen (please Avoid clicking on iAds in iOS7).
-You can remove Additions(Contributions) easily with convenience button to see the effect instantly.
-Rate It added in MyInterest. This will appear when you come from "Additions" OR "Slide and Change" Views to Normal View for APY or APR Supported Calculation more than 3 times..

"Certificate of Deposits" or CDs are Safe Financial Products and you can use the power of Compound Interest in them. In many countries, these financial products are called "Fixed Deposits" or FDs as well. Also, it supports Additions or Contributions End of every Month or Year, making it suitable for ANNUITY calculations as well. Bankers, CPAs and Financial Advisors to show off these instant calculations to their clients.

Students can use to understand "Compound Interest" and "Simple Interest".

President/Creator of app: Rohit Sachdeva..


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