Network Protocols Handbook 2006

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Network Protocols Handbook 2006

Fully explains and illustrates all commonly used network communication protocols, including TCP/IP, WAN, LAN technologies. Covers the latest and emerging technologies such as VOIP, SAN, MAN, VPN/Security, WLAN, VLAN and more. Addresses vendor specific technologies: Cisco, IBM, Novell, Sun, HP, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Reviews the ISO networking architecture and protocols. Covers SS7 protocols.Hundreds of illustrations of protocol formats and...

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Compiler for message-passing network protocols, currently based on UDP. APC is written in Python and produces C code. It includes a C run-time library.

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"Java Artificial Intelligence Markup Language PAD" is a tool that manages ProgramD AI (on local or remote machines) and AIML files with real-time previews and it provides a network support to test AI capabilities over many network protocols.

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