Nomad II Voice Format (NVF) Tools 0.1 in Multimedia \ Audio Converters

NVFTools is a set of utilities for convertingNomad II Voice Format (NVF) files as found on Creative Nomad II,IIc and II MG MP3 players to and from standard audio file formats.

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This KDE ioslave lets you access your Creative Nomad II, IIc and MG mp3 player in a comfortable way by integrating it into the Konqueror file manager. It allows you to copy your mp3s to or from your player within Konqueror.

Nomad II Driver/Library/App 2.0.3.alpha3  MP3 Tools

The target of this project is the development of a Linux Kernel Driver for using the Creative Nomad II Mp3 Portable Player under systems using Linux as OS. Also, the development of a C/C++ library to develop applications that use the device.

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A packaging format, build tools, and an installer, for distributing packages for the Elysium Project.

Gnomadic 0.11  MP3 Tools

An graphical application primarily to transfer mp3s from a computer to the Creative Nomad II/c device. It will allow these mp3s to be re-encoded using LAME to the desired bitrate. It is written in C++ and uses Gtkmm, libmp3lame.

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LMY image codec and tools for small, 16-bit (or higher) displays on devices with limited resources. Image file size and quality rival GIF, PNG, and JPEG, but decompression is much less complex. Used commercially by Lower Mars. C/C++ and Java/j2ME include