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This application helps you to save your TEXT notes and
VOICE recording together under different categories.
***---MAIN FEATURES---***
*VOICE + TEXT*: Categorized storage of text notes along with optional voice recording.
Simple lists like grocery lists etc. can be quickly recorded using voice
rather than the text entry. When it is not required anymore just delete the entry.
*SEARCH*: Very flexible and efficient search options to access the required notes fast.
*VIEW RECENT*: Provision to view recent entries.
*VIEW VOICE ENTRIES*: Provision to view all entries having voice file.
*EMAIL/SMS*: Provision to Email or SMS the entered notes.
*EXECUTION UNDER SCREEN LOCK*: You can make this application work under phone
screen lock by selecting the option provided for this purpose. This is helpful
for long duration recording / playback.
*SEARCH FOR VOICE ENTRY*: You can type search keywords in the notes or title field
for entries having recorded voice so that you can easily pull up your voice file
using the search function.
*SMALL DOWNLOAD SIZE*: Very small download size (About 0.34 MB).
*Landscape and Portrait orientations supported.
*Functionality to cleanup unused category names.
*----SkyDrive OPERATIONS----*
*SkyDrive - Upload*: Functionality to store the recorded voice file of any entry
in SkyDrive using the huge free storage available for Windows Live users.
This way you can reduce the phone storage use. These voice files are standard
'wav' files. From SkyDrive you can copy these files to your computer hard disk,
USB sticks etc. and play it using Windows Media player if you want to.
*SkyDrive - Playback*: Whether the voice file is stored in SkyDrive or Phone,
you can play it back from this application directly.
*SkyDrive - Download*: Once the voice file is uploaded to SkyDrive you can download it back if you want to.
Font and color adjustments.


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