OO C Framework

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OO C Framework

Framework written in C language using OO concepts. Pretty similar to Java. This is gonna change your way of programming in C. Feel free to contact me at juanrb@hotmail.com.

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DynO++ Dynamic C++ Framework 0.1.0 dynopp.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

DynO++ is a C++ framework for creating highly reusable software modules. Objects are compiled as dynamic modules and are connected together with a signal/callback mechanism. The package also provides a script language for loading and connecting objects.

C++ framework for Asterisk Sockets 1.0 Ast-cppsock  Misc. Internet

Asterisk Manage API and FAGI C++ Framework. Implemented with high efficient OS independent Sockets wrapper (ACE). Provide C++ API wrappers for Asterisk Manager API and FAGI. A Manage API relay(proxy) server and a FAGI socket server will be implemented. C++ framework for Asterisk Sockets 1.0...

ViewKlass - A C++ framework for Motif 0.7.2 Viewklass  Misc. Dev. Tools

ViewKlass is a C++ framework for developing Motif applications with particular emphasis on enabling creation of reusable components. It is a clone of SGI's ViewKit(tm) library. It is derived from the Hungry Programmers (http://www.hungry.com) ViewKi ViewKlass - A C++ framework for Motif...

Tryge C++ Framework 1.0 Trygecpp  Misc. Dev. Tools

Trygecpp is a nice object oriented C++ Framework aiming to be an all-in-one solution. Tryge C++ Framework 1.0 License - BSD License

Unicomm 2.17h Beta Dmitry Timoshenko  Misc. Dev. Tools

Unicomm is designed to be an open source C++ framework that can be used on multiple platforms and allows you to create application level protocols over TCP transport. There are different rules can be applied to support communication logic. User's code just should implement upper business logic...

WCCOA Beta Andreas Vogler  Misc. Dev. Tools

WCCOA was developed as an useful and open source C# framework for the WinCC OA Open Architecture. WCCOA is specially designed to offer basic connectivity (via XMLRPC) to the WinCC Architecture.

C++ Communication Services Framework 0.7.7 commsvcfw.sourceforge.net  Misc. Utils.

A C++ framework utilizing Design Patterns for creating Linux and Windows communications applications that contain Dialogic products. Includes media and network classes (analog, digital, SIP, H323), multithreaded event handling, distributed app support.

C# CreateOI Framework 4 createoi.sourceforge.net  Science

C# Framework that implements the iRobot Create OI specification, which is an expansion of the Roomba SCI spec. Also included is a diagnostic app, & an app with samples that use the framework.

C# RoombaSCI Framework 3.5.07 roomba-term.sourceforge.net  Science

C# Framework that implements the iRobot Roomba SCI spec. Also included is a diagnostic application named Roomba-Term that uses the framework. I invite you to use the Roomba-Term software as a tool & an example on how to program with the C# SCI

CABAL-Callback Balance C++ net framework 1.0 cabal-net.sourceforge.net  Misc. Internet

Cabal is a C++ framework that provides support for high prestation parallel processing network servers and clients. It doesn't provide a protocol, it just gives you the abstraction of data sending/receiving in real time or priority scheduling.