Object-oriented language based on java. 1.0

Plpproject in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Master students group of Federal University of Pernambuco working together to define and to develop an object-oriented language project based on java language as meta language. Object-oriented language based on java. 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL)

Related Software

Yet Another Object Oriented Language 1.0 Yaool  Misc. Dev. Tools

YAOOL - Yet Another Object Oriented Language - Based on Pascal, this language will strongly support object oriented theory with strong support for multiple inheritance. Other features will be operator, function, method and even property overloading. Yet Another Object Oriented Language 1.0...

Open Virtual Machine Language 0.136 Beta Ernesto Gigliotti  Misc. Dev. Tools

Open Virtual Machine Language is a lightweight object oriented language that you can use to develop applications on multiple platforms. Open Virtual Machine Language has a comprehensive syntax and provides you with a development kit containing a compiler and an interpreter.

Simple Object Oriented Lanaguage (SOOL) 1.0 sool.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

Simple Object Oriented Language and Compiler (SOOL): using for students taking Compiler Design course

The Nice Programming Language 1.0 nice.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

New object-oriented programming language based on Java, with the following advanced features: parametric types, anonymous functions, multi-methods, tuples, optional parameters.Nice also detects more errors during compilation (null pointers, casts).

Macrobject OQL.NET Object Query Language 2008.7.10.1111 Macrobject Software  Components and Libraries

OQL.NET is a strong-typed database object query language. The difference between OQL.NET and SQL or other OQL lies in that OQL.NET is based on native.NET language (e.g. C# and VB.NET) instead of on strings. OQL.NET is compatible with SQL-92 standard. It supports all the major elements of SQL DML,...

FLORA-2 1.0 flora.sourceforge.net  Science

FLORA-2 is a logic-based object-oriented language for building knowledge-intensive applications. It is based on F-logic, HiLog, and Transaction Logic. Applications include intelligent agents, Semantic Web, ontology management, and more.

GrubC 1.0 grubc.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

GrubC is a platform independent C/C++ graphic and GUI library with an object-oriented approach based on a Java Virtual Machine. By now AWT GUI functionality, 2D drawing and turtle graphic is supported.

incalang 1.0 incalang.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

A full-fledged IDE (editor, compiler, debugger) for a (new) object-oriented language that mixes features of C++ and Java. Suited for writing serious applications, but also nice for games and tools. Very fast compile-debug cycle.

FooGameLib 1.0 Foogl  Components and Libraries

Friendly Object-Oriented Game Library , 2D Java Game Engine based on Slick2D and LWJGL. This library was designed for students and primer Java programmer. Scene and Actor, Sprite Manager, Sound,Music, Collision Manager FooGameLib 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Ownership and Immutability Generic Java 1.0 Oigj  Misc. Dev. Tools

Ownership and Immutability Generic Java (OIGJ) is a programming language based on Java with generic types. OIGJ supports deep ownership, confinement, object- and reference-immutability. Ownership and Immutability Generic Java 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL)