Open Game Environment 1.0

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Our goal is creating an Open Source, freely distributable game env for designing and playing RTS and turn based games. Our engine will have 2D and 3D viewers. Maps will be 2D w/terrain but can link forming a larger simultaneous playing environment. Open Game Environment 1.0 License - Qt Public License (QPL)

Related Software

Open Game Studio  Code Management

The Open Game Studio is a project that targets game developers (mostly hobbyists). The goal of this project is to create a development environment that focuses on developing the game content. An engine that can run the created games is in work too.

GECCO game environment 1.0 Dkexpert  Strategy

GECCO (Game Environment for Command and Control Operations) is a strategy game built in java. It has a very simple graphical interface but allows for the use of standard pixel-based image formats as maps and is easy to modify and extend. GECCO game environment 1.0 License - GNU General Public...

PHP Web-based Admin Game Environment 1.0 Phpwage  Strategy

PHP WAGE (Web-based Admin Game Environment) is a framework to take away the hassle of creating admin for online (web-based), turn based strategy. games. It gives you User Management and Game Management for your users... you just have to write the game! PHP Web-based Admin Game Environment 1.0...

Open Game Server Project 1.0 Opengameserver  Gaming Tools

The Open Game Server Project, is a web based management system for game servers where you can install, configure and control game servers. Open Game Server Project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Open Screening Environment 1.0 Sen  Science

Open Screening Environment is a open source system for management of High Throughput Screening related experiments. The platform consists of new research tools that will enhance significantly management and analysis of HTS data. More information can be f

ogm2d 32 Ogm2d  Gaming Tools

Open Game Maker 2D is a free, open source and cross-platform IDE for the individual game developers. It aims to be a Delphi-like RAD environment in 2D game development field. WYSIWYG scene designer, Script editor with syntax highlighting, Script compiler and debugger, Sprite editor, path editor...

P4D - editor and environment 1.0  Drawing and CAD

P4D is a lowpolygon 3D editor and a game environment. With the editor you can modify bonebased 3D models, animations and textures.The game environment (which is also used by the editor) provides simplescript-, physic-, particle- engines.

Crystal Cubes 1 1 Lars Peter Christiansen  Games

What started as a "make Tetris in one day" thing, ended up being a one-month project displaying advanced graphics in a game environment, with dual-refractive glass cubes, shadowmaps and post processing effects, this game will really test your GPU' fillrate. The game was developed...

D20Sharp OGF library 1.0.beta2  Role Playing

This is a C# implementation of the SRD material from the Open Game Framework made public by Wizards of The Coast ( and the Open Gaming Foundation ( The library can be used to create all kinds of

Gestalt 516  Drawing and CAD

Gestalt is an open structured environment, designed to prototype and develop OpenGL- and Java-based sketches and applications.