Open Land Survey and Civil Design 1.0

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Logiciel libre de calcul et de CAD pour gomtres Le but poursuivi est de raliser un logique libre permettant l'entre de donn issues des carnets de terrains, de les calculer et de gnrer automatiquement le fond de plan.

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LAnd Survey Tools Landsurveytools  Science

LAnd Survey Tools "LAST" was created to preserve and expand on the work invested in an old, privately used, DOS based land survey construction and data collection application by porting much of the C++ coded logic and design concept over to Python. LAnd Survey Tools License -...

Autodesk Civil Design 2005 Autodesk, Inc.  File & Disk Management

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released Autodesk® Civil Design 2005 Service Pack 1, which addresses an issue regarding side-by-side installations. This service pack fixes an issue for customers who have Autodesk Civil Design 2005 installed...

Copan for Windows 11.05 Underhill Geomatics Ltd  Misc. Graphics

Land surveyors and civil engineers: o Calculate surveys and manage points, effortlessly o Run Copan on Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7 o Use it forever and pay nothing o Choose quadrant bearings or N/S azimuths, and gons or DMS o Create point files quickly and easily o Edit any point's number, name,...

DIGICORP CIVIL Design R18.1 8.0 Digicorp Ingegneria  Multimedia

DIGICORP CIVIL Design, a complete and integrated environment for the planning and computing of civil works: it's an AutoCAD integrated software which completes the most widespread CAD environment with specific commands, essential for technicians operating in this sector.

Ale - Advanced Land Editor 4 6 ALE Advanced Landscape  Multimedia

ALE (Advanced Land Editor) is a powerful software to help civil design. The program is used by engineers and geologists who design roads, earth-moving, open mining, garbage dumps, pools, pits, basins, earth dams, land rehabilitation, civil general design and so on. The ALE engine works by...

Topo 1 Engineering Solutions  Drawing and CAD

Topo features a series of CAD tools that enables processing of digital landscape, cross-sections and contour lines for land survey works. Topo comes as an AutoCAD add-on and it is not designed to function as self standing software. Please note that VBA runtime libraries are required by this...

Pythagoras demo 12 3 Pythagoras BVBA  Multimedia

A state-of-the art CAD software for land surveying and civil engineering. It is one of the most powerful and intuitive applications ever designed. Specialized drawing tools, cogo functions and design tools are all tightly integrated in a complete standalone package that runs on PC. It's easy...

Casio Basic For Land Surveyor 1.0 Casiolandsurvey  Miscellaneous

Program for Land Survey in Casio Basic Casio Basic For Land Surveyor 1.0 License - Public Domain

LISCAD 10.0 LISTECH  Misc. Graphics

LISCAD is a powerful application designed for the users that need to create landscape designs and to process data from land surveys. The program allows you to import data from land survey devices in order to translate them to a visual representation. You can enhance the program with modules that...

Evolution of an X-Band Antenna 1.0  Science

The objective of this project is to implement a fully open source software package to design X-Band antennas similar to the ones developed by NASA fot Space Technology 5 Mission.