PHP Code Snippet Library 091 in Development \ Documentation

PHP Code Snippet Library.PHP-CSL is designed to let you store all your favourite code snippets, functions and classes. Visit for the latest info.

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PHP Code Library  Components and Libraries

PHP Code Library is a powerful multi-language source code Library with the following benefits: 1. Built-in library with 50,000++ lines of code 2. Quick and powerful search engine 3. Powerful printing capability 4. Password protection & strong 448 bits encryption (optional) 5. User notes...

Code Snipe 1.0 Codesnipe  Misc. Dev. Tools

CodeSnipe is a code snippet sharing program built as an Add-in for Visual Studio .NET which allows multiple developers to share commonly used pieces of code. Developers can search through the code snippet library by category and keyword from within .NET Code Snipe 1.0 License - X.Net License

PHP Advanced Component Library 0.3  Misc. Dev. Tools

PACL - PHP Advanced Component Library is an advanced "java-style" PHP5 framework/class library for easy building robust web applications. The vision is to enable abstract and rapid development of sophisticated PHP applications in few lines of code.

Code Snippet plugin for Windows Live 2.0 Leo Vildosola  Multimedia

Code Snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer is a plugin to help format and apply syntax highlighting to source code. Features: -Compact Mode - launches a compact version of the plugin that allows you to quickly modify formatting settings without a preview. This is for users who may only want to...

EasyGen 2. 4. 2873 Symbiant  Internet

With easyGen you can create ASP or PHP without coding , it's the ultimate ASP and PHP code generator to build database driven websites using wysiwyg editor to export ASP or PHP software for PHP RAD software and Visual PHP software. For Risk Management Software or Internal Audit Action...

Snipbox 2.5.2005 Marlu Smart Solutions  Misc. Dev. Tools

The ultimate code snippet manager to store, manage and use your code snippets! Do you have too many code snippets scattered all over your hard drive? Are you fed up from digging around for code you wrote many projects ago? Are you tired from searching through your bookmarks for usable code...

Byte Code Engineering Library 1.0  Code Management

The Byte Code Engineering Library (formerly known as JavaClass) is intended to give users a convenient possibility to analyze, create, and manipulate (binary) Java class files . Classes are represented by updatable objects.

Code Generation Library b.2.2.2  Code Management

Byte Code Generation Library is high level API to generate and transform JAVA byte code. It is used by AOP, testing, data access frameworks to generate dynamic proxy objects and intercept field access.

CRuL - Code Revision Library 0.1.2  Misc. Dev. Tools

An openSource Code Revision Library and Software Project Management system for MulitValue Database Systems.

PHPWasher - clean up PHP code 1.0 Phpwasher  Misc. Dev. Tools

PHPWasher automatically cleans up (adds indentation to) your PHP code. Simply pass it your code and it will return it fully indented! (Still finding out how to upload the code) PHPWasher - clean up PHP code 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)