package dependency viewer for FreeBSD 0.2 in Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

gpkgdep shows the FreeBSD package dependencies in three different views:- a tree view shows all packages required by each package- a tree view shows all packages which depend on each package- a list view allows to play with the packages. By marking

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Dependency Viewer analyze your program and find out exactly what files it needs to run. Search and download missing OCX or DLL files required. It is ideal for programmers who need to know which files to distribute with their software. It allows file type filtering when searching for...

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tydevi, also known as the Typed Dependency Viewer is a simple and accessible Java-based tool. It was specially built in order to provide a view of typed dependencies of a sentence as computed by the Stanford parser.

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Show "Microsoft System Management Server 2003" Software Package dependencies in a TreeView.

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