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People Filter

This simple application will help you a lot. How many times have you needed to call someone, and lost few minutes to find it Now, you can filter your People Hub and look only who have phone number. You can filter based on the type of account as well.

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The Pals Antispam Mail Filter marks mail from people you have not designated as being one of your pals. The package includes a pal harvester which extracts addresses in mail you send from the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields, and designates them as a pal.

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What's New 1.10.1 - Bug fixes - Performance improvements 1.10.0 - Sales accounts - Filter your Contacts list to quickly see customers or people you're actively selling to. Contacts flagged as Accounts can have their own custom fields and tags. Base CRM is the sales tracking and lead management...