Perix Operating System - 16/32 Bit 1.0 in Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Perix Operating System - 16/32 Bit 1.0

Perix is a 16/32 bit protected mode kernel, bootable and capable of running without an operating system. It is written in Turbo Pascal 7.0 for DOS, Delphi 7.0, Pascal Pro, Virtual Pascal v2.1, TASM and JWASM.

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Perix Operating System - 16/32 Bits 1.0 Perix-32  Misc. Utils.

Perix is a free public domain MS-DOS compatible operating system written in Turbo Pascal and Assembly. Multi tasking, parallel data transfer and extended memory support. All parts of system are distributed under terms of the GNU license. Perix Operating System - 16/32 Bits 1.0 License - GNU...

Embeddable Forth compiler 0.0.1  Misc. Dev. Tools

Embeddedable Forth compiler is a Forth system for 32 bit devices with no OS. I am currently using it with ADUC7026 board. Also tested on STM32. Win32 version is is used for testing.

ST-QEMU 1.0 St-qemu  Maintenance

An extension to QEMU that emulates the Atari 16/32-bit family of computers (ST/TT/Falcon). ST-QEMU 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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Windows 7 Optimizer can quickly make your Windows 7 operating system (both 32 bit and 64 bit) faster, easier to use, and more secure. And all operations performed on the operating system are completely safe, because all changes are monitored by Windows 7 Optimizer Rescue Center and can be undone...

PCLTool SDK 32-bit/32-bit .NET 11.68 Page Technology Marketing Inc.  Misc. Dev. Tools

PCL Tool SDK 32-bit is a collection of tools for converting PCL text, raster and vector files into bitmap formats (PCL to in-memory DIB, TIF, JPG and PNG) or vector formats (PCL to in-memory GDI, EMF and PDF). This latest release from PageTech now fully supports 32-bit and 32-bit .NET on all...

Surrogatepair 1 1 Canadian Mind Products  Java & JavaScript

Converts 32-bit Unicode codePoints to 16-bit surrogate pairs for Java String literals. It lets you enter String literals containing unsupported C-style Uxxxxxxxx escape sequences and it converts them to Java-supported surrogate pair escape sequences. You can use the program without installing it...

Nexus Operating System 86 Nexusoperatings  Maintenance

NexusOS is a operating system based on openSUSE. It's smart and fast for normal use and-occupying. Included is software like Abiword and Gnumeric. There is also a server version. Nexus and Nexus server has both a 64 - and a 32-bit version.

TIFF-XChange SDK 3.22.335 Tracker Software  Utilities

TIFF-XChange SDK allows developers to convert output from any Windows software to a TIFF file, using print drivers for software developers (compatible for 32-bit operating systems only). The developer is able to choose the output file format, file name, file properties, etc. through Esc calls to...

Slackware 13.37 Slackware Project Team  Maintenance

Slackware Linux is a complete 32-bit multitasking "UNIX-like" system.i It's currently based around the 2.6 Linux kernel series. Slackware contains an easy to use installation program, extensive online documentation, and a menu-driven package system. A full installation gives you the X...

jArt Java Operating System 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

IA-32 operating system with Java virtual machine embedded into the kernel. Part of the kernel is written in Java. Only Java applications can run on this system. jArt VM is a stand-alone virtual machine that interprets java bytecode. It can run under Linu