Phoenix Information Extraction 1.1.20050616 in Education \ Science

Phoenix is an information extraction engine written in java. Controlled by rules (declared in xml), it extracts information form any XML document (unstructured XHTML/OpenOffice documents). Supports XPath, additional conditions and top-down decomposit

Related Software

RapidMiner Information Extraction Plugin 1.0.2  Misc. Dev. Tools

The Information Extraction Plugin allows the use of information extraction techniques within RapidMiner.It can be seen as an interface between natural language and IE- or datamining-methods, by extracting interesting information out of documents.

Trainable Relation Extraction framework 0.3  Science

T-Rex (Trainable Relation Extraction) is a highly configurable machine learning-based Information Extraction from Text framework, which includes tools for document classification, entity extraction and relation extraction.

Mallet for Windows 2.0.7 Andrew McCallum  Misc. Dev. Tools

MALLET is a Java-based package for statistical natural language processing, document classification, clustering, topic modeling, information extraction, and other machine learning applications to text. MALLET includes sophisticated tools for document classification: efficient routines for...

Balie 1.81  Science

Balie - BAseLine Information Extraction (in Java) This project is not maintained anymore.

caTIES 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

caTIES ( cancer Text Information Extraction System) can extract coded information from free text Surgical Pathology Reports (SPRs), using controlled terminologies to populate caBIG-compliant data structures. It also has the ability to search this info.

iracema 0.1  Science

An information extraction library implementing modern algorithms for the extraction of named entities from text.

OpenDMAP 1.1.1  Science

OpenDMAP (Open Source Direct Memory Access Parser) is a natural language processing (text mining) application: a semantic parser for information extraction.

SEMANTIXS rc  Science

SEMANTIXS is a semantic information extraction system that can extract, represent and visualize domain-specific information from free-text in the form of complex (and simple) relationships. Refer - for more info.

TextMarker  Misc. Dev. Tools

TextMarker is a UIMA-based tool for information extraction and more. The full featured editor of the rule language and the build process of UIMA descriptors are complemented with components for visualization, explanation, testing and rule learning. TextMarker is now further developed and hosted...

Wandora 2012.04.30  Science

Wandora is a general purpose information extraction, management, and publishing environment based on Topic Maps and Java. Wandora has several data storage options, rich data extraction, import and export capabilities and embedded server.