Prime Number Spiral 7

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Prime Number Spiral 7

The Prime Number Spiral (a.k.a. the Ulam Spiral) is constructed as follows: Consider a rectangular grid. We start with the central point and arrange the positive integers in a spiral fashion (anticlockwise). The prime numbers are then marked. There is a tendency for the prime numbers to occur on diagonal lines, however far out into the spiral one goes. This is software is for exploring the Prime Number Spiral. It also (a) allows coloring of...

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Ulamd-deOaos Prime Number Spiral Dmitry Brant  Drawing and CAD

Generate Ulamd-deOaos prime number spiral with this utility. Prime Spiral is a simple program that arbitrarily generates large spirals, with configurable coloring and other options. The program generates a spiral based on the total number of integers that you specify. It also allows you to...

Factors and Prime Numbers 1.0.0004 Image Intelligence Software Ltd.  Miscellaneous

Factors and Prime Numbers was developed as an educational math application that allows you to test your prime number and factor knowledge. Factors and Prime Numbers is written using Java and is available for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

MuPuPriNT 2.0.2 Beta 2 Jaska Borner  Misc. Graphics

MuPuPriNT, which is actually short for Multi-Purpose Prime Number Tester, was developed as a primality tester. MuPuPriNT is an open source app that can also be used to see if a number is composite. The application is built on the Qt framework and makes use of the GNU Multiple-Precision (GMP)...

Apophenia 1 Apophenia  Mathmatics

Prime sprial plotting software for square (Ulam) and related polygon prime number spirals. Allows multiple prime generating quadratic equations to be displayed simultaneously. Plot data and image files can be saved to disk for further analysis. Demo version is limited to prime spirals based on...

Least quadratic non residue and least primitive root 1.0 Giuseppe Merlino  Mathmatics

Least quadratic non residue and least primitive root is a small and easy to use application that allows you to calculate the least quadratic non residue and least primitive root of a prime number.

Fastest Primes 0.88 Ethan Queen  Science

The purpose of this project is to make the fastest prime number generator in the world. <b>Features:</b> * Calculate primes starting at 1 or 33+ * Multiple output options - file, screen, none(time only), count(time & number of primes found) * Multithreaded - theoretically...

997 - Prime Numbers - 1.0.1 Mizuki Saito  Games

How many do you know the prime number? Let's memorize prime numbers. How to play is easy. From among the numbers appear, touch the only prime numbers. When you touch the number that is not a prime number and miss a prime number, it becomes the mistake, and stars decrease. When a star is lost,...

Touch The Prime 1.0.0 Electronic Bamboos  Games

'Touch The Prime' is a simple math game. Try to touch a prime number quickly, don't touh a non-prime number.

Mathematics Suite 1.0.3 Dream arequency  Mathmatics

3 Mathematics Applications for 1 Price:Factor Calculator, Prime Number Calculator, and Primality TesterAll applications feature:Dream arequency "no-frills" style as described by editor, Recommended on The Math Forum @ Drexel (University) for Middle School, High School and...

libprime 1.0  Components and Libraries

Lightweight prime number generation library. Makes use of OpenMP and aims for performance. Suitable for applications in cryptography or just for educational demonstration.