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Free PC cleaner & Privacy tool. PrivaZer cleans your PC in-depth and removes unwanted traces of your activities at home or at work. You can see what can be recovered of your past activities and securely clean traces to get a PC PrivaZer cleans your PC and your external devices. PrivaZer is a smart cleaning tool that helps you master your security and freedom,
free up disk space and keep your PC fit and secure.

PrivaZer shows you in details :
- what could be recovered of your past activities on your PC (what you have done, watched, visited on internet and so on)
- what's unnecessary
- what reduces free space and may slow down your PC

Your personal files are preserved.

PrivaZer performs a complete scan of potential traces
in every locations of your PC :

- Free space
- File table (MFT or FAT)
- USN Journal
- Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome,...
- Cookies
- Index.dat
- Messengers
- Windows histories
- USB histories
- Registry
- Indexing
- Memory
- Hiberfil.sys
- Pagefile.sys
- Start menus
- Jumplists
- System
- Prefetch
- Software histories

and presents its findings to you in easy-to-follow visualizations and summaries.

PrivaZer is also a secure and smart cleaner.
- PrivaZer optimizes clean Up efficiency. It automatically recognizes your storage device type (SSD or magnetic disk)
to adapt its overwrite algorithm according to your storage medium.
- PrivaZer optimizes clean Up speed. When PrivaZer cleans up your storage free space,
it will mark that storage space as clean. That way, the next time you perform a data clean up,
PrivaZer will locate marked spaces and skips over that spaces, increasing the speed of cleanup time.

With PrivaZer, once it's gone, it's gone for good.
PrivaZer is a complete protection against professional recovery software
not only for your PC but also for your storage devices (USB keys, external drive, and so on)

Other features :
Scheduling of cleanups
Live measurement of free space gain
PrivaZer priority execution management

Indexing management
Hibernation management

Registry cleanup
Registry restore
System restore


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