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Pro Tools: Elastic Audio Download

Warp beats, pitch shift, and match recorded audio to the tempo of your track ... elastic audio is the tool for you!

Elastic Audio is an essential tool for any composer or producer working in Pro Tools. It's ability to time stretch audio in realtime (Elastic Time) was enhanced in Pro Tools with Elastic Pitch -- the ability to quickly change the pitch of any audio. But, most people rarely explore the possibilities that Elastic Audio offers.

Scott covers all the basics, as well as all the hidden details of Elastic Audio. This is one Pro Tools course that you certainly don't want to miss!

Table of Contents:
01. Introduction to Elastic Audio
02. Why Use Elastic Audio?
03. Samples and Ticks
04. Getting Ready
05. Enabling Elastic Audio
06. Traditional Time Stretching vs. Elastic Audio
07. Working with Tempo Changes
08. Analysis Markers
09. REX and ACID Files
10. Warp Markers
11. Editing Warp Markers
12. Quantizing Elastic Audio
13. Elastic Pitch
14. Working with Vocals
15. Working with Complete Songs
16. Preparing a Remix Part 1
17. Preparing a Remix Part 2
18. Elastic Audio Preferences
19. Real Time vs Rendered
20. The Plug-in window
21. Polyphonic Algorithm
22. Rhythmic Algorithm
23. Monophonic Algorithm
24. Varispeed Algorithm
25. X-Form Algorithm
26. Elastic Properties
27. Disabling Elastic Audio
28. Warping Shortcuts
29. Range and Accordion Warping
30. Telescope Warping
31. Moving Elastic Audio
32. Elastic Audio and Fades
33. Elastic Audio and Digibase
34. Creating a New Bass Loop Part 1
35. Creating a New Bass Loop Part 2
36. Adding a Bass Drum Track Part 1
37. Adding a Bass Drum Track Part 2
38. Adding a Varispeed Effect Part 1
39. Adding a Varispeed Effect Part 2
40. Tuning the Vocal
41. Adding Harmony Part 1
42. Adding Harmony Part 2

•Tutorial by Scott Freiman
•HD Video Tutorials
•Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)
•In-depth Tutorial
•Professional Instruction


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