ProLine MFS 1.0.1

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ProLine MFS 1.0.1

Mobile Field Service module for ProLine Operations System

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mfs-Cluster ecobas  Utilities

The multifunctional, scientific Computer Cluster (mfs-Cluster) of the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences (FB11), University of Kassel acts as an Application Service Provider (ASP) for research staff and students. Most scientific applications in the faculty, which are relevant for data...

mfs-utils  Misc. Utils.

mfs-utils: library and utility programs for accessing the TiVo media file system.

ProLine Catalog -Dental Materials 1.0 Shuki Harel  Catalogs

Learn more about Silmets Dental Restorative Materials. The Silmet ProLine Catalog App for iPad, features elaborated information for Dental professionals seeking for a cost effective solution for their practice without compromising quality. Without the need for internet connection, it is possible...

Proline P2P 1.0.11 kai chen  Utilities

Proline P2P is a handy application to work with your P2P IP Camera. By leveraging a few new technologies, no matter what your network types and conditions are, it will establish a more reliable channel for your video/audio delivery, between your cameras and the iPhone/iPod, which gives you a...

Proline Parlay Maker 1 3 ProlinePlayer  Home & Personal

It allows the user to enter a series of plays and then converts those into all possible combinations of parlays. But it does much more. It also calculates the payouts, win probabilities and the ev (edge) for all those parlays. Also it is aware of the rules used by the various lottery corporations...

2010-11 Robotics Programming  Science

Programs for MFS Foxes FTC Team 110 for the 2010-11 season.

MooseFS  Misc. Utils.

MooseFS (MFS) is a fault tolerant, network distributed file system. It spreads data over several physical servers which are visible to the user as one resource. For standard file operations MooseFS mounted with FUSE acts as other Unix-alike file syst

mfsmount 1.0 Mfsmount  Misc. Utils.

Robust tool for mounting an OpenBSD MFS partition onto /var, with the root fs mounted read-only. Main use: CompactFlash card based SBCs (Soekris, WARP,..). Project page is at: mfsmount 1.0 License - BSD License

1FCD-OpBSD 1.0 Juraj Sipos  Audio Players

1FCD-OpBSD (also known as Karma BSD) is a one-floppy OpenBSD MP3 player with functionality to mount NTFS, UDF (on DVD, CDROM, or external file), EXT2FS, NFS, MFS, and MSDOS file systems. It plays MP3 tracks, and can copy files from any disk to any disk. It runs independently from any operating...

MFConquerTheIsland Singleplayer 1.0 Ctisp  Strategy

MFCTI is an RTS mod for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. Created by MF (Mike Melvin, SP is a singleplayer version of MFs great add-on for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance.