Python mud client alpha in Games \ Misc. Games

Simple, clean and extendable python mud client.

Related Software

Lyntin 4.2  Misc. Games

Lyntin is a Python mud client based on Tintin but goes above and beyond Tintin allowing you to write modules in Python enhancing the client to suit your individual needs.

eXtensible PERl scripTable MUD client 1  Misc. Games

A MUD-Client for Windows (Win32) and KDE, featuring perl, python and ruby scripting, as well as multi-window output. The main focus is a very strong scripting engine (nearly everything is accessible from a script) while trying to stay user friendly.

Debel Mud Client 1.0 Dmud  Gaming Tools

Dmud is a Mud client for mac programmed in Cocoa it will support MCCP MSP MXP, and features like Automapper, scripting languages (python,lua ...), triggers, alias and macros. Debel Mud Client 1.0 License - MIT License

Isis Mud Client 1.0 Isismc  Gaming Tools

A GTK+ MUD client with support for MCCP, MXP, support for the zChat and MudMaster peer-to-peer chat protocols, the MUD sound protocol (MSP), Telnet GA support, regexp trigger support, aliases, Perl and Python plugin support. Isis Mud Client 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

KillerPy the MUD Client 1.0 Killerpy  Gaming Tools

KillerPy is a simple command-line based MUD client written in Python. Support scripting written in Python, colors and more. KillerPy the MUD Client 1.0 License - BSD License

The MUD Client for the Lazy People. 1.0 Mclp  Gaming Tools

The MUD Client for the Lazy People. The MUD Client for the Lazy People. 1.0 License - Python Software Foundation License

zMUD 7 21 Zugg Software  Games

zMUD is the most popular and useful MUD client that has been made. When the Internet started, the graphical powers of the computers didn't offer much graphical expression. But the Internet was already there, so the obvious thing started to happen, Multi-User Dungeons were created. MUD is the...

Incarnate Mud Client 0.1  Misc. Games

A simple, fast, java based text MUD client.

MMC, the MUD client for UNIX and Win32 4.1  Misc. Games

MMC, the MUD client for UNIX and Win32. Main features: aliases, hotkeys, triggers list ordered by priority, MCCP, delayed/periodic commands, perl5 is used as a scripting language, writing sophisticated triggers and aliases is now simple and easy, and etc.

Mmucl - Mark's MUd CLient 1.5.2  Misc. Games

Mmucl is a platform independent mud client with bothtext and GUI interfaces written in Tcl. There is also a gnome interface available which uses Tcl-Gtk.