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Aircraft Checklists from Qref for iPhone and iPad are expertly designed and written procedures specifically for your aircraft. The same award-winning content found in our printed checklists can now be found in a customizable, easy-access app.

Every detail has been meticulously designed to make the checklist quick, easy-to-use and accurate. Choose your aircraft from a growing library of 50+ comprehensive models. Customize any item you need, directly on your iPhone or iPad, right where you use a checklist, without having to go to a website and upload.

Qref checklist design features a larger, more readable font, comprehensive procedures sectioned into tabs, and simple, one-touch access to the procedure you need. Discover why Qref aircraft checklists are the Gold Standard in aviation, with over 20,000 sold annually around the world, in nearly every pilot shop.

New features:

? Simple tap-to-check (or uncheck) feature can be turned off for use as a reference only without the need to check off and clear items.
? Clear all checked items function
? Fresh new iOS 7 design

Qref Quick Reference checklists feature:

? Beautifully designed checklist sections
? Subsections keep checklists short and easy to use
? Always remembers where you left off, even on different checklists
? Dashboard gives you access to all your checklists in one place
? Edit, add, delete and reorder checklist items directly on your phone. Changes are automatically synced to our secure servers for backup
? Check-and-response format with large, easy-to-read font
? Purchase new models as needed with in-app purchasing
? Vertical and horizontal layouts on both iPhone and iPad
? Built-in 12-function conversion calculator
? No subscription needed. All checklists are yours with no time limitations and can be transferred between devices (using the same Qref account)

Procedures covered include:

? Preflight
? Takeoff
? Cruise Performance chart
? Landing
? Emergencies: electrical, engine, fire, gear, forced landing and more. Emergencies are arranged by system, meaning no more digging through pages to find the right section.

Aircraft currently available (more published monthly):

? Cessna 150
? Cessna 152
? Cessna 172 Universal
? Cessna 172M
? Cessna 172N
? Cessna 172P
? Cessna 172R
? Cessna 172RG
? Cessna 172S
? Cessna 172S G1000
? Cessna 177RG
? Cessna 182R
? Cessna R182 Skylane RG
? Cessna 182T Analog
? Cessna 182T/G1000
? Cessna Turbo 182T
? Cessna Turbo 182T/G1000
? Cessna Turbo 206H
? Cirrus SR20 Analog
? Cirrus SR20 G1-G2
? Cirrus SR20 G3
? Cirrus SR20 Perspective
? Cirrus SR22 G1-G2
? Cirrus SR22 G3
? Cirrus SR22 Perspective
? Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo
? Cirrus SR22 Turbo Perspective
? Diamond DA20 C1
? Diamond DA40
? Piper Archer II PA-28-181
? Piper Archer III PA-28-181
? Piper Arrow 180 PA-28R-180
? Piper Arrow II PA-28R-200
? Piper Arrow III PA-28R-201
? Piper Arrow III Turbo PA-28R-201T
? Piper Arrow IV PA-28RT-201
? Piper Arrow IV Turbo PA-28RT-201T
? Piper Cherokee 140 PA-28-140
? Piper Cherokee 150 PA-28-150
? Piper Cherokee 160 PA-28-160
? Piper Cherokee 180 PA-28-180
? Piper Cherokee Lance PA-32R-300
? Piper Saratoga SP PA-32R-301
? Piper Saratoga SP Turbo PA-32R-301T
? Piper Tomahawk PA-38-112
? Piper Warrior 151 PA-28-151
? Piper Warrior II PA-28-161

Each customizable model is available as an in-app purchase for only 9.95.

About Our Checklist Data

There are other checklist apps, but none feature Qref checklist data. A major difference in aircraft checklists between Qref and others is the level of experience and expertise that go into every procedure. The Qref team of Master CFIs has over four decades of combined active flight instruction and flying experience at all levels of industry, with instruction and flight time in this aircraft. They not only create checklists, they use them in daily instruction and flying, and recognize that if you cant trust your checklist data, why use a checklist?


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