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Qucs is a circuit simulator with graphical user interface. The software aims to support all kinds of circuit simulation types, e.g. DC, AC, S-parameter, Harmonic Balance analysis, noise analysis, etc.
Until now there is no or little user documentation available. The Qucs application has an integrated help system giving the user useful but yet limited help with the program. We are searching for people who want to support the project by creating more documentation. The internal help system is also multi-lingual, thus translations into languages other than English, German, French and Spanish have to be done. If you are interested then feel free to write a email to: contact. It is planned to have user manuals consisting of
* the integrated multi-lingual help system
These should be little helpers with the program itself available during runtime including a getting started guide and brief descriptions of what is what in the graphical user interface (GUI). The documentation is written in simple HTML pages and focuses on the GUI.
* an english user manual with some more details
The actual user manual should contain a more detailed description of the simulation backend including the available program options, components and simulation types. The user manual focuses on the simulator and should be written in the Texinfo (texi) format, i.e. means it can be easily converted into info and HTML pages.
* tutorials about how to use Qucs
Topic-related tutorials dealing with certain issues, real life applications and how to handle these with Qucs. The tutorials will be available as pdf files and are written in LaTex. Available tutorials so far:
o standalone tutorial chapters
+ DC Analysis, Parameter Sweep and Device Models: dcstatic.pdf
+ 10dB Directional Coupler Design: coupler.pdf
+ Getting Started with Digital Circuit Simulation: digital.pdf
+ Transient Domain Flip-Flop Models for Mixed-Mode Simulation: ffmodels.pdf
+ Measurement Expressions Reference Manual: functions.pdf
+ Modelling Operational Amplifiers: opamp.pdf
+ Modelling the 555 Timer: timer555.pdf
+ Qucs simulation of SPICE netlists: spicetoqucs.pdf
+ Getting Started with Qucs: getstarted.pdf
+ Component, compact device and circuit modelling using symbolic equations: equations.pdf
o workbook
+ Preliminary WorkBook: workbook.pdf
+ Russian translation of the preliminary WorkBook: workbook_ru.pdf
-- provided by Vladimir Gololobov <email> on 2006/10/18
o SPICE to Qucs test reports (by Mike Brinson)
+ DC and independent voltage pulse generator test: StoQ_test1.pdf
+ DC and independent voltage sin generator test: StoQ_test2.pdf
+ SPICE 2g6 and 3f5 resistors: StoQ_test3.pdf
+ SPICE 2g6 and 3f5 capacitors: StoQ_test4.pdf
+ SPICE 2g6 and 3f5 inductors: StoQ_test5.pdf
o standalone report chapters
+ Verilog-AMS interface: verilog.pdf
+ A Curtice level 1 MESFET model: curtice.pdf
+ Verilog-A Modular Macromodel for Operational Amplifiers: mod_amp.pdf
+ Verilog-A Logarithmic Amplifier Macromodel: log_amp.pdf
+ Verilog-A Macromodel for Resistive Potentiometers: potentiometer.pdf
+ Verilog-A compact device models for GaAs MESFETs: MESFET.pdf
+ Verilog-A implementation of the EKV v2.6 long and short channel MOSFET models: EKV26.pdf
+ Compact Verilog-A pn junction photodiode model: photodiode.pdf
o reportbook
+ Preliminary ReportBook: reportbook.pdf


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