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With QuuSoft Desktop Manager, these troublesome problems will not trouble you anymore.


With QuuSoft Desktop Manager, these troublesome problems will not trouble you anymore. QuuSoft Desktop Manager is the most efficient and easy to use tool in the market that is able to help you manage nearly all applications and shortcuts on the desktop easily and freely.

Have you ever been troubled with the following problems below
* Troubled with looking for a file among hundreds of items from the start menu
* Have too many icons of shortcuts blocking up the beautiful picture of your desktop
* Annoyed with finding a software among minimized windows of websites and applications
* Troubled with locating the software directory for you can't remember where you installed it at the beginning
* Confused about the numerous shortcuts on the desktop, messing up the whole screen and slowing down your computer perfomrance

What can QuuSoft Desktop Manager do for you
QuuSoft Desktop Manager is a highly flexible tab-like style software that can be used to outstandingly enhance the user's experience on managing applications and desktop shortcuts. Since QuuSoft Desktop Manager is designed with the intuitive and straightforward interface, you can easily categorize each item into different groups where the shortcuts of any program, folders and files can be elegantly and impactfully managed.
Using it means not only having every shortcut in your hand a click away, but also keeping your desktop reasonably organized so that you can enjoy more from your beautiful wallpaper with ease - just think how outstanding it would look like if it weren't crowded with so many icons. QuuSoft Desktop Manager is an essential companion for computer newbies and extremely usefully for project-based experts such as print/website designers, office clerks and architects.

QuuSoft Desktop Manager key features:
* Fully customizable settings
* Easy of use and friendly user interface
* Fully configurable grid allows you to easily manage the desktop icon
* The innovative Easy Tab feature allows you to access the fastest way to launch the frequently used application
* Multiple tabsheets can be created by computer users, unlimited grid space for you to manage all the things in your desktop

QuuSoft Desktop Manager Benefits:
* Manage every desktop shortcut and icon in an impactful way
If you got tired of having to arrange all the shortcuts from your desktop into folders or even having to create new toolbars for them, then QuuSoft Desktop Manager will certainly make all of these troublesomes gone totally with ease. This convenient small software can keep your desktop organized and maximize your workflow by allowing you to store shortcuts in a way that you have never done before.
* Locate the directory of any software easily and quickly
Sometimes you might get lost with finding the root directory of certain application, as you just can't remember where you installed it at very first beginning. Don't worry, once you have QuuSoft Desktop Manager in hand, this problem won't trouble you anymore. By simply drag the icon of the specific software into QuuSoft Desktop Manager tabsheet, then right click it to select "open in Windows Explorer", you'll find the root directory right away.
* Intuitive Layout and Easy to Use
Instant drag and drop feature makes QuuSoft Desktop Manager easy to operate for any user skill level. Even "nobody reads manuals", with intuitive layout and user-friendly interface, even computer newbie can handle it without any problem.
* 24 hours Free Technical Support Services
We provide completely free technical support services to help our customer solve any specific problems that you might encounter using of QuuSoft Desktop Manager. That is, when you are using QuuSoft Desktop Manager, you are not only having the convenient toolkits but also the outstanding services by our experts.
* Support All Windows-based Operating Systems
Windows systems compatible: runs on all the major Windows-based systems, including the latest Windows Vista, Windows server 2008, Windows XP/2003/2000, and even Windows 98 & Windows ME.

QuuSoft Desktop Manager features:
* Portable, intuitive and easy-to-use. QuuSoft Desktop Manager is designed to be very easy, intuitive and impactful to use for managing your shortcuts in the tool-bar style, which is located at the bottom right desktop and designed by the professional and experienced UI professionals in the industry.
Multiple tabsheet and unlimited space for you to manage all the things in your desktop.There are 20 grid spaces per tab, which can be created as many as you like. That is, unlimited space allows you easily manage the shortcuts in the way you want by simply dragging the shortcut icon into the grid space within the tabsheet (also called drag-and-drop operation).
* Fully customizable settingsQuuSoft Desktop Manager allows the users to customize the tabsheet appearance, manage the tabsheet column and the hot keys; you can specify the software to run at the startup, always show on the top, show the settings at a separate tabsheet, resolve dropped shortcuts, create desktop shortcut, pin the shortcut to the Start Menu and ignore click on the blank button; the maintenance options let you back up the settings or restore the settings if needed.
* Completely configurable grid allows you to easily manage the desktop iconThe revolutionary drag-and-drop operation in QuuSoft Desktop Manager has made the icon arrangement never been easier. You can easily drag the software icon into the tabsheet grid where you can move the icon to the first previous or the last grid, clear the icon, copy the full path or full name of the referenced program; you can also copy or swap the icon to another grid or tabsheet.
* Innovative "Easy Tab" feature allows you to access the fastest way to launch the frequent used applicationThe 6 most-frequent used software will ranked at "Easy Tab" tabsheet. And, QuuSoft Desktop Manager can remember the 6 last click Icons and also rank them at "Easy Tab" tabsheet for a quick way to run it again. You can also view the frequency report and export the report to an Excel file.

QuuSoft Desktop Manager 2010.1.2 Desktop Tools software developed by quusoft. The license of this desktop tools software is shareware, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy a registration or license. Do not use illegal warez version, crack, serial numbers, registration codes, pirate key for this desktop tools software QuuSoft Desktop Manager. If you want to get a full and unlimited version of QuuSoft Desktop Manager, you should buy from original publisher quusoft.

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