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Race Day Scratch Play (RDSP) is a electronic scratch off auto racing game that anyone can play with no knowledge of racing necessary! It was designed, by a race fan, to facilitate amusement pools among fans in the stands, in bars or in homes tuned into the weekly race.

Each race has the opportunity for a sponsored first and second place prize for the user that correctly matches the five ending positions in the race. The positions are randomly generated upon registration of the race. A sponsored second place prize is randomly determined from the list of people that have liked the sponsor on Facebook.

This app is not affiliated, endorsed, or associated in any way with Apple or any racing series including but not limited to Nascar, Indycar, or Formula-1.

Rules and Conditions:

An entry may be registered anytime during the week of the race date. All entries must be registered by the end of Lap 40 to be eligible to win the sponsored grand prize. To register, you must enter your name, email address, phone and zipcode. The starting positions are revealed by the app along with the control code.

If the app shows the top five finishers, as determined by the official results posted by the sanctioning venue, the publicized grand prize WILL be awarded. In the unlikely event of multiple winners, the registered entry that has the lowest 5 digit control number will be declared the winner. In the even more unlikely event of still multiple winners, a drawing of those registrants will determine the ultimate winner. Odds of having the top five finishers on a 43 car race is 962,598:1.

After each sponsored race, the sponsor will give away a $2,500 cash prize for the second chance drawing. Anyone who registers their App entry, prior to the end of the race day will be entered for the second chance drawing. When registering, click on the Facebook logo to Like the sponsor. The winning control code for the second chance prize will only be announced on Facebook! The winner has five days from the publishing of the winning code to collect their prize.

Unsponsored races will not have a Grand Prize or second chance drawing.

This game is void where prohibited by law. PATENTS PENDING 2012 Race Day Scratch Play, LLC. This game is intended for entertainment purposes.

How To Play:

Compete for sponsored prizes in selected races, or play against other fans.

Register for sponsored races to be eligible for prizes. Like our sponsor on Facebook to compete for an instant winner prize of cash on selected races, just for playing.

The five flags, once swiped by you, will reveal the starting positions of your team. Once qualifying is over, you'll find out which cars will make up your team. Once swiped, your starting positions will automatically be entered into our database. An email will be sent to you with your starting numbers, the corresponding control code and a money saving coupon by our sponsor.

The game page is interactive. The app will add up your starting order and fill in the cumulative score. You can enter the car number for your starting position along with the position that car finishes. When competing against others. Lowest control number is the winner!

If youre playing Sprint Cup or Nationwide, your qualifying positions will be five of 1-43. NASCAR Truck will be five of 1-35. All other series, including your custom race for your local track will be five of 1-20 starting positions.

If your local track doesnt have 20 qualifiers, either fill in the last qualifiers in the race to make up your field, or decide among yourselves how you want to handle it. The underlying purpose of Race Day Scratch Play is to get you, the fan, to pay attention to drivers who wouldnt necessarily get your attention. Its a great way to be introduced to up and coming drivers! Good luck and enjoy the race!


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