SDBC: a swing-based database client 0.2.beta in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

SDBC: a swing-based database client 0.2.beta

SDBC is a MS Access-like database client based on Java swing ui, able to connect to both local and network DBMS. It uses Derby for file-based database and JDBC for SQl-based DBMS.

Related Software

Oracle Session Browser 0.7.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

A simple SWING based JAVA client that displays information on all Oracle sessions. Displays the SQL and bind values that were captured. This also includes a plugin to run SQL queries and view their results. Multiple tabs can be opened for a single plugin

db2db database client b.1.3beta2  Misc. Dev. Tools

db2db is a database client for transferring database objects (tables, their data, primary keys, foreign keys, indexes) among heterogeneous RDBMS. db2db is written in java and uses jdbc.

Java Database Client 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

This project is intended to create a common database client to any database that can be accessed via JDBC.

Sq Database Client rc  Misc. Dev. Tools

Sq Database Client is an open source database client which has the ability to access any database which has a JDBC driver. It is intended for application developers, and focuses on viewing, sorting, and manipulating data.

Java Memory Based Database 1.0 Jmb-db  Database

JMB-DB will be a memory based database, which will use harddisk or any other media only for backup purposes. Primary aim is a fast database for small applications. After some improvements it may be used in pda's or cell phones. Java Memory Based Database 1.0 License - GNU General Public...

Access Mobile Database Client 6.0.3 impathic  Productivity

Take your Microsoft Access databases with you on the go with the DataGlass Mobile Database Client for Access! Search, edit, and create records in your database using DataGlass on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Take an interactive tour of the app at: Microsoft...

sqlWizz 1.0 Sqlwizz  Misc. Dev. Tools

sqlWizz is a lightweight database client written in Java (swing-based). Works with any database that has a jdbc driver. Accepts multiple concurrent connections to different databases and has i18n support.

FormHammer-Database GUI Builder 0.4  Misc. Dev. Tools

An open solution to efficiently creating Java/Swing based client GUIs tightly integrated with backend data sources and business logic containers (JDBC/SQL, EJB, Hibernate...etc). The library provides similar functionality to Oracle Forms in Java.

Clico container 0.1  Misc. Dev. Tools

A client container for Swing, based on Java 5 language features (annotations, enums...), and PicoContainer. Develop Swing applications with a simple development model, using POJOs, a clean MVC pattern and services and be more productive.

JSqlTool 1.1  Misc. Dev. Tools

JSqlTool is a swing based application used to view/edit database tables content and to execute sql scripts, by connecting to a database using JDBC/ODBC. It'a a multilanguage application, tested on Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, DB2 and many other databases.