SDL Zelda : a tribute to Zelda 1.0

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A tribute to "The Legend of Zelda" (see the must-have game on the old good NES) SDL Zelda : a tribute to Zelda 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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sdljump 0.91.1  Arcade Style

This is a clone of (or even better, a tribute to) the simple yet addictive game Xjump, rewritting it using SDL and adding new features like local multiplaying, themes, new gameplay features, opengl rendering and much more.

Zelda2D 0.2.3  Arcade Style

A Zelda jump'n'run game written in C/C++/SDL. The game itself is more an engine makes it easy to write different level-packs in XML for it.

SDL AuthorAssistant 4.1.395 SDL International  Business

SDL AuthorAssistant is the client software component of SDL Global Authoring Management System. If you use Adobe FrameMaker, you can now download SDL AuthorAssistant for free, so you can immediately start improving the consistency and quality of your technical documentation. A key component of...

SDL Threat Modeling Tool 3.1.2008 Microsoft  Security & Privacy

The Microsoft SDL Threat Modeling Tool allows for early and structured analysis and proactive mitigation and tracking of potential security issues. The SDL Threat Modeling Tool helps engineers analyze the security of their systems to find and address design issues early in the software...

SDL Framework 1.0 Beta Eduardo David Correa  Misc. Dev. Tools

SDL Framework provides you with an easy to implement framework designed to help you create your own 2D games using the LUA programming language. SDL Framework comes with a simple API that can take advantage of your system's capabilities and read / play tracks on a CD-ROM.

SDL Knowledgease 0.70 Epina GmbH  Misc. Dev. Tools

SDL Knowledgease is a collection of programming topics designed to provide you with quick answers. The pack is easy to use and supports Borlands Delphi, Kylix and C++Builder. You can save time by searching this general database before reading forum posts or news groups messages. It currently...

SDL Author Assistant 2010 for Adobe FrameMaker 10.0 Adobe  Misc. Dev. Tools

The SDL Author Assistant for Adobe FrameMaker 10 plug-in enables enterprise-wide consistency in grammar, style, and terminology and reusability of content. It checks written text for writing style issues that impact the content's readability and translatability. Give SDL Author Assistant 2010...

Legend of Zelda Valentines Quest 1.0 Softendo Mario Games  Misc. Games

Help Link get flowers for Zelda on Valentine's Day. Complete tasks to find way how to get flowers to your true love - Princess Zelda. Use the arrow keys to move. Press space bar to open doors and talk. Press the enter key to close or continue the dialog.

Legend of Zelda Pacman 1.0 Softendo Mario Games  Misc. Games

A graphical remake of Pacman in the theme of Legend of Zelda. Collect magic diamound and gems to complete the level, but watch out for the evil guards of the maze, try to avoid them in all cost.

Legend of Zelda Invaders 1.0 Softendo Mario Games  Misc. Games

Legend of Zelda the Invaders game. This is a small fangame based on famous Invaders. Move great Link using arrow keys and shoot the arrows to incoming enemies. Catch bonuses to raise your score rank and avoid the enemy bullets.