SGML DTD for iptables 0.1.2

Iptables-dtd in Security & Privacy \ Firewalls

SGML DTD for the creation of Bash scripts for iptables configuration SGML DTD for iptables 0.1.2 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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UML-Xchange 1.0 Uml-xchange  Documentation

UML-Xchange is a SGML DTD for exchanging data models between CASE tools that use the UML language. All of the six kinds of UML diagrams are supported.I designed this DTD because I felt that UML was not a complete language without a processable language. UML-Xchange 1.0 License - Artistic License

Firewall Builder NetCitadel LLC  Server

Firewall Builder makes firewall management easy by providing a drag-and-drop GUI application that can be used to configure Linux iptables, Cisco ASA and PIX, Cisco FWSM, Cisco router access lists, pf, ipfw and ipfilter for BSD, and HP ProCurve ACL firewalls.

d-iptables 0.2  Networking

diptables is simple shell script, that through one method interactive (using dialog and iptables) create a rule of iptables for the local machine. It is very interesting for who is starting to work with iptables.

DocBook SGML Toolbox 0.1.03  Misc. Dev. Tools

DocbBook SGML Toolbox combines the source packages for DocBook SGML 3.1, 4.1, Jade, and other sgml/docbook utilities, and automatically compiles and installs the binary Slackware,RPM,or Debian packages. Install is EASY!

DTD Manipulator 0.1  Misc. Dev. Tools

DTD parser, manipulator, and generator Java library licensed under LGPL. Start here:

DTDprune: reduce DTD to match XML files 0.1.2  Misc. Dev. Tools

Performs external DTD simplification according to previously tagged text. Parameter entities are replaced at every model group and simplified independently.

FWReport: Firewall Reporter for IPTables 1.1.8  Networking

FWReport is a log parser and reporting tool for IPTables. It generates daily and monthy summaries of the log files, allowing the admin to free up substantial time, maintain better control over security of the network, and reduce unnoticed attacks.

gtk+/gnome iptables managing tool 1.0  Networking

iptables managing tool. use gtk+/gnome and glade. rule manager can help to manage a rule.

gtk-iptables 0.5.1  Networking

Gtk-IPTables is a GTK-based frontend for iptables written in C. You can create rules for all chains for Filter, NAT, and Mangle tables.

Iptables Filter Generator 0.6  Networking

Iptables FIlter Generator is a easy way to make iptables rules..