SHP to MySQL in PHP 1.0 in Education \ Science

SHP file to MySQL table using PHP

Related Software

PHP MySQL class 20091121  Components and Libraries

This is a class that make life with MySQL and PHP much easier. At least for me. Error reporting and exceptions used. Download, unpack, check example.php and have fun :-)

PersistenceObjects for php 0.8  Code Management

A library for managed persistence for mysql and php. Quickens php-application development by reducing the amount of code needed for business-methods. Like Java's Hibernate, the methods for basic CRUD operations are implemented and more can be created.

php log class 2.02  Security

A php 5 oriented object class for log in file or mysql with php. This class can log, rotate with gz compress and extract log content easily.

FiForms Framework 1.1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

Framework for building web-database applications in XML, powered by MySQL and PHP. AJAX-enhanced forms, sub-forms, custom reports, and dynamically generated menus create a seamless user experience. Written in PHP5, cross-platform, customizable. No Java.

Ice Request 0.1  MP3 Tools

A MySQL based PHP web frontend and perl module backend for ices to stream your collection of mp3s and allow site visitors to queue songs from your collection. It picks random songs when the queue is empty, and keeps a history of songs played.

InNux 20010424  Office Tools

Web version of Outlook / Exchange, using SendMail, MySQL, Apache, PHP, htDig and HylaFax.

Phantacalcio 1.0  Simulations

Phantacalcio is a collection of mysql-based php scripts to manage an italian game named "fantacalcio", based on real football matches and real football players; main features: fixtures generation, league table display, players auctions, rosters...

Radio.Unfix 2004.08.24  MP3 Tools

IPv6 Multicast Internet Radio Station backed by a MySQL database, PHP webbased frontend, a seperate mp3 gatherer/indexer and the pride of it all: Radio.Unfix which sends your mp3's onto the internet using only one stream for unlimited listeners.

Simple Stationery Request System 0.1  Applications

A web-based MySQL and PHP system to monitor stationery inventory, allow employees to apply for stationery online and route approvals to their respective superior. Currently the system is a prototype, and has not implemented all functionality. If there is

SmartBOMB 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

SmartBOMB is a small distribution of Apache, MySQL and PHP. SmartBOMB is a Ready-To-Run Package. Just unpack the package or use the setup - all servers start without your configuration.