SP3043 Natural Selection Simulation 1.0

Sp3043natsel in Education \ Science

Simple multi-agent simulation of Darwin's natural selection process SP3043 Natural Selection Simulation 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0

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Flash Natural Selection Simulation 1.0 Flash-evolution  Misc. Dev. Tools

The goal of this project is to create a simulation of genetic drifting, genetic mutation, and/or natural selection using flash and actionscript. The simulation may also incorporate server side PHP, MySQL, and XML to store character traits. Flash Natural Selection Simulation 1.0 License - GNU...

Natural Selection WhichBot 1.05 whichbot.sourceforge.net  Strategy

WhichBot is an AI for Natural Selection, the RTS/FPS hybrid Half-Life mod. It provides players for the alien team.

Evolution in Minutes 1.0 see-evolution.sourceforge.net  Simulations

This Applet is a simulation of evolution by natural selection demonstrated by artificial life forms that live and reproduce in a matter of seconds. You can see the effects of natural selection just minutes after a major environmental change.

Natural Selection Unknown Worlds Entertainment  Games

No, its not Darwin meets Gordon Freeman. Natural Selection is one of the most innovative mods that spawned for Half-Life. The mod is surrounded by an eerie science fiction atmosphere that can give you some scary moments sometimes. The mod is a multi player one, where the players join two teams,...

CSBot Ilan Tayary  Games

CSBot is a management utility for a Counter-Strike, Natural-Selection, or a Day-of-Defeat server, that can also publish the game over IRC, and do much much more. Main features: - Easy remote management of a Counter-Strike, Natural-Selection or Day-of-Defeat server - Allows game players to call...

CSBot - An IRC bot for games servers 046b csbot.org  Strategy

CSBot is an IRC bot for Windows that can publish Counter-Strike, Natural-Selection and Day-of-Defeat games on an IRC channel.CSBot also has lots of other features. Refer to the website for a full list.

Geneusim rc geneusim.sourceforge.net  Science

A small simulator for Mendelian genetics, genetic drift, natural selection and random mutations, built on matplotlib and wxpython. A graph will be generated that traces the distribution of genotypes at successive generations.

Horse Breeder rc horsebreeder.sourceforge.net  Strategy

A turn-based artificial selection simulation in C# for Windows (may be ported to Linux later).Players will buy and breed horses to race or sell over a number of game years. The breeding process will make use of an accurate gene inheritance system.

NS: Zombies 0.9.1.beta nszombies.sourceforge.net  Misc. Games

Project file for NS: Zombies, a new survival gameplay style for Natural Selection 2.0 (a Half-Life mod).

Simulatig Darwinism with python 1.0 Simulatigdarwin  Miscellaneous

see how new characters from random variation stabilize on the population if natural selection principles are applied Simulatig Darwinism with python 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)