Siege Tools for Eclipse 0.5.8 in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

A collection of Eclipse Plugins to support developing game modifications for Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege. Should include syntax editors for Skrit and Gas as well as tool plugins for various tasks related to creating a Dungeon Siege Modification.

Related Software

Elphel/Excelsior Eclipse/VDT/ExDT Plugin 1.1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

Plugin Eclipse/VDT supports hardware development in VHDL/Verilog, allowing to easily integrate command-line controlled tools in Eclipse. Underlying Eclipse/ExDT plugin provides integration means that may be used for other languages and applications.

JyDT for Eclipse 1.4.14  Misc. Dev. Tools

JyDT, Jython Development Tools for Eclipse, consists of several plug-ins to support Jython development. Its main features are: Jython projects, content assist, control-click navigation, browsing perspective. See

eclipse-sqe 1.0 Eclipse-sqe  Misc. Dev. Tools

This project tries to combine existing software quality tools for eclipse into one. If sucessfull, it will integrate checkstyle, findbugs, pmd, and possible others. eclipse-sqe 1.0 License - Eclipse Public License

Merlin ToolChain 1.0.2 Merlintoolchain  Misc. Dev. Tools

Merlin ToolChain integrates requirements, configuration management,project management, and testing tools via Eclipse using plug-ins. Merlin ToolChain 1.0.2 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools for Eclipse 10.1.0 Microsoft  Server

A set of Team Foundation Server power tools targeted for Eclipse developers already using Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 with SP1 to talk to TFS. This release brings the ability to be able to sign up for Team Foundation Server alerts directly from Eclipse, to save common work item details into a...

Web Development Tools for Eclipse 1.0 Wdte  Misc. Dev. Tools

A collaborative effort to merge some of the separate projects that develop Eclipse plugins related to web development into one bigger project. Web Development Tools for Eclipse 1.0 License - Common Public License 1.0

Eclint 1.0 Eclint  Misc. Dev. Tools

Eclint is a plugin for Eclipse, primarily for use with the Eclipse CDT. It provides a framework for using external C/C++ lint tools within Eclipse. Eclint 1.0 License - Eclipse Public License

test2342 2342 Test2342  XML/CSS Tools

MEX applies the international standards EAD, EAC and METS to edit structured Internet presentations of archives in context including digital reproductions. The tools include eclipse with configuration sets for typical settings in archival practice. test2342 2342 License - Mozilla Public License...

EasyEclipse Desktop Java nexB  Web Development

EasyEclipse Desktop Java, the latest version being 1.3, is an Eclipse distribution used to develop Desktop GUI applications with Swing or SWT. EasyEclipse Desktop Java 1.3 is a 100% clean freeware software product - as published in a report generated and tested by Softpedia Labs on 07 December...

.Net XML reflected type editor 1.0 Netobjedit  Misc. Dev. Tools

This application was first designed to allow the creation of XML files based on .Net assemblies. But the developer (me) was out of time and there are some good XML free tools (like Eclipse) that can read XSD files, and allow you to create good XML files. .Net XML reflected type editor 1.0...