Simple Blogging API 1.0

Sbapi in Web Development \ XML/CSS Tools

SBAPI (Simple Blogging API) is an API to help bloggers create/edit/delete/view their blog posts via an XML based "standard" Simple Blogging API 1.0 License - Other License; Public Domain

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SAFOX - Simple API For XML Handling php project merging the DOM approach with XML/php, It provides a simple OOD API for php-based XML generation, parsing, manupilation, traversal etc. Currently based on three classes, SAFOX is true OOP approach to xml Wi

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It started as a simple physics API for educational purposes, but now its development is clearly focused on gaming and will be incorporated to a next-gen engine.

CUG user management 020420  Misc. Dev. Tools

CUG user management: simple java api to create applications to support basic system adminstration taks. Escpecially tailored for administration of nds/groupwise servers with lang=dutch (NL) personal naming rules.

pygolem 0.2  Science

This simple Python API aims to provide a simple and easy to understand access to the discharge database of the GOLEM Tokamak. The scipy, numpy and matplotlib Python libraries are used for data analysis and plotting.

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Simple Java api for Internationalization (i18n) support. Features: pluggable localization loading, remapping resources at deploy time, different locales for logging and application messages, dynamic locale switching, multiple locales in one runtime.

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Xisemele 1.0 Xisemele  XML/CSS Tools

Xisemele is a simple Java API that allow a fluent interface to read/write/edit XML documents. Xisemele 1.0 License - GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3)