Small Crypto Library 0.01 in Security & Privacy \ Encryption Tools

The Small Crypto Library is a collection of C++ classes for public and private key cryptography. The Small Secure Socket Library uses SCL for maintaining secure IP connections.

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Small Java Library for SVG 1.0 Sjlsvg  Graphic Viewers

Small Java Library for SVG (sjlsvg) is a simple library for draw svg vector image on Java platform.The library will be as small as possible (XML parser, SVG render, ...) for use as "small" applet or in Mobile platforms (PalmOs, PocketPC, ...) Small Java Library for SVG 1.0 License - GNU...

JavaBar 20100506 Ronald B. Cemer  Components and Libraries

JavaBar is small, simple library designed to help you generate, print and decode bar codes.

CVM Class Library 6.1 Sergei Nikolaev  Misc. Dev. Tools

CVM Class Library is built as a small C++ library designed to encapsulate concepts of vector and square, band, symmetrix and hermitian matrices in Euclidean space of real and complex numbers. The CVM Class Library makes use of the BLAS and LAPACK Fortran libraries.

UIHierarchy 1.2.5 Christopher Deckers  Components and Libraries

UIHierarchy is a small Java library designed to ease AWT / Swing GUI development. The purpose is to highlight the meaning of containment hierarchy, so that code is easier to read and easier to maintain. Code gets much easier to understand, much shorter, and easy to maintain. Additionaly,...

JDBC4Me 0.5 Jasper Sprengers  Misc. Dev. Tools

A small Java library for database programmers to perform SQL statements in a single line of code. Supports basic object-relational mapping without any configuration. Tested with Oracle10g, Derby10 and MySQL5.

JBULL - bean utility library 1.0  Code Management

Small JAVA library for common bean operations. Experimental project that uses JAVA generics and annotations in order to provide easy to use and fast implementation.

NFO2PNG PHP-Library 1.0  Graphic Viewers

A small PHP Library to render a NFO-(DOS/IBM-ASCII)-Text to a PNG-File for displaying it in a Webbrowser.

Simple Library Manager 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

Simple Library Manager is Java application for managing small book library and is suitable for small institutions with one PC for all types of operations.

Republican Date Library 1.0 Librdate  Miscellaneous

LibRdate is a small C library to manage French republican dates and decimal time fully compliant to historical decrees that established the French Republican Calendar in revolutionary France. Republican Date Library 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Raven Services New Kitfox Studios  Misc. Dev. Tools

Raven Services is designed and built as a small utility library that makes it easier to create and maintain lists of Java services. At the heart of Java services is the services list. Every JAR which provides services must maintain lists of the services they provide in the META-INF/service...