Smart Feed Reader 1.5.1

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Smart Feed Reader 1.5.1

Smart Feed Reader is a full-featured RSS, RDF and ATOM reader for iPhone, iPod and iPad touch platforms. Manage your news automatically by using Smart News Filtering, organize Feeds Groups by any criteria you choose music, sport, movies and international news, rate the most interesting readings or important news and share them with your friends and colleagues. Smart Feed Reader is based on user experience design and provides you with easy to...

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Feed Reader for Pokki is a stylish application designed to enable you to read your news feed in a comfy manner. Feed Reader for Pokki allows you to subscribe to as many feeds as you want. Give it a try and see what it can do for you!

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Sismics Reader provides you with an intuitive web-based feed reader that you can use to stay up-to-date with the latest news on your favorite websites. Sismics Reader supports Atom and RSS standards and allows you to organize your feeds into different categories. It comes with ZIP and OPML...

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The klezmer feed reader is a free RSS news aggregation that provides advanced features in an intuitive and user-friendly interface, a seamless and convenient experience whith no needs of technical knowledge. It delivers a brod range of feature like podcast support.

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FastTrackNews is a portable RSS feed reader and news aggregator. The program reduces the time and effort needed to regularly check mass media websites for updates and can be used as news and blog browser. Once subscribed to a feed, FastTrackNews is able to check for new content at...

intraVnews 3.0 FutureGlue AB  Office Tools

intraVnews is an RSS feed reader and Twitter client for Microsoft Outlook XP and later. Follow web sites, blogs, news feeds with Outlook. Send Tweets and monitor keywords in Twitter directly in Outlook. News items are kept separate from email so you can work without interference. With Outlook...

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RSS Bandit is a nice, simple feed reader that lets you browse news in an organized fashion. RSS Bandit has a pocket full of news, and a few tricks to display them. Not only can you organize feeds in folders, RSS Bandit also detects relations between individual posts and threads them logically....

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ARADO RSS Feed Reader is a URL Database for Websearch and RSS Feed Reading, which saves your added Bookmarks & RSS-Feeds and syncs newest URLs with your connected devices. Store and Search your all your URLs in ARADO. As framework c++ / Qt is used. URL Search, Database, Tiny URL...

Orange Cat feed reader 1.0 Orangecatfeedre  Misc. Utils.

Orange Cat is a feed reader for RSS feeders using PHP-GTK2 interface and MySQL. Orange Cat feed reader 1.0 License - Artistic License; GNU General Public License (GPL)

Lion RSS 1.2 Dennis Lien  Misc. Network

Lion RSS is a comprehensive and easy to use RSS feed reader that you can use to stay informed about the latest news on your favorite websites. The RSS library stores all the RSS links. Lion RSS is designed for those who are looking for a simple feed reader, with no complicated menus and options.