Star9 Chinese Input Method 4.21 in Education \ Language

Star9 Chinese Input Method. Learn Chinese Writing with a Keypad.Stroke-based Chinese Input. Chinese Writing Emulation. Easy to learn. Enjoy the beauty of Chinese symbolic characters in writing.

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HanWJ Chinese Input Engine 4.43  Language

HanWJ Chinese Input Engine is used for inputting Chinese into normal application windows (e.g., Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word, or MS Messenger). Quick, fault-tolerant. Zi & word usage lookup. Zi-Info query, Annotated Chinese Paragraph. Many Input-Assistant Features. While inputting...

MSCIM 1.0 Mscim  Misc. Dev. Tools

It's not Microsoft Input Method, it's More Smarte input method. It's a kind of Chinese Input Method, using different vocabulary to improve this precision of typing. MSCIM 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Super Chinese - Learn Chinese in 3 day. Betterdo, Inc.  Language

Learn Chinese in 3 Days. It's really very simple! Super Chinese is a very powerful & comprehensive Mandarin Chinese learning application, including Chinese lessons for Chinese pronunciation, simple speaking Chinese, Chinese grammar & the basic knowledge of Chinese writing system &...

Banjon - Multilingual Input Method 1  Misc. Dev. Tools

Banjon is a context sensitive input method (transliterator) for natural Languages. It is designed to analyze the pattern and context of input character sequences and generate output characters based on a predefined map script.

Chinese Wubi Input 1.0 zhang zhi bin  Utilities

The Wubizixing input method (simplified Chinese: ) is a Chinese character input method primarily for inputting simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese text on a computer. The method is also known as ?, named after the inventor . The Wubi method is based on the structure of characters rather...

FoxIME 1.0 Foxime  Documentation

FoxIME is a cute Chinese language Input Method Editor as fox. When user inputs Pinyin, it will output Chinese characters. It will use the C++ language to write the code. FoxIME 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

(wenju) - Writing Tools 1.6 Wenju  Misc. Dev. Tools

A collection of writing tools (wenju in Chinese pinyin) such as input method,text file formatter, etc. All the tools are based on Unicode. (wenju) - Writing Tools 1.6 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Snowy ChangJie Rime  Productivity

Snowy ChangJie is an improved Chinese ChangJie Input Method. Features: - English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Janapese User Interfaces. - Collect 21,000+ words commonly used in Traditional Chinese, Hong Kong Cantonese and Japanese. - New designed 3x3 Grid ChangJie sliding keypad....

Neoe IME 0.6.3  Science

Input method based on Java(TM) Input Method Framework(IMF). To install,copy it to "jre/lib/ext", use it as "Chinese Pinyin" IME in any java swing applications. "Japanese" IME is also provided.

NJStar Chinese Pen 2.30.10 NJStar Software Corp.  Business

NJStar Chinese Pen is a Chinese handwriting recognition software that enables Chinese input using mouse or tablet. It can recognize and input both simplified Chinese characters and Traditional Chinese characters with excellent accuracy. With it's build-in voice function, NJStar Chinese Pen...