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StrongKey CryptoCabinet 2

The StrongKey CryptoCabinet is a web-application built using the Regulatory Compliant Cloud Computing (RC3) architecture.It encrypts files of any-type-any-size and moves the ciphertext to a public/private cloud - AWS, Azure, Eucalyptus (with OpenStack coming soon) - and/or local/network drives, while keeping cryptographic keys secure OUTSIDE the cloud.The CryptoCabinet leverages the StrongKey CryptoEngine - another open-source project on this...

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StrongKey is a building block in an Enterprise Key Management Infrastructure (EKMI), with the goal of centrally managing symmetric encryption keys.

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StrongKey CryptoEngine is a web-service to encrypt and decrypt files. It generates and escrows keys with a key-management appliance; encrypts the file in the W3C XMLEncryption standard; and optionally, transfers the file to a public storage cloud.