SynthEdit 1. 1. 5000

Jeff McClintock in Multimedia

SynthEdit is a Modular Synthesizer. Incorporating a visual VST/i-programming capability. It can be utilized in the following applications: Windows XP and Vista. When using SynthEdit software you can use it to design your own Synth from beginning to end. It will allow you to create a raw product and make it into the sound that you want. Anyone can use this software, as long as you know how to use a mouse, it is that easy. You begin by...

Related Software

SynthEdit VST Modules 1.0 Syntheditmods  Misc. Audio

This project will provide open source high level, modules, written in C++, for use with the SynthEdit VST creator. Emphasis will be placed on quality of sound, and real-time performance. SynthEdit VST Modules 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

Synthedit SSE 1.0 Synthedit  Misc. Multimedia Tools

Designed for Windows XP and Vista, with SynthEdit you can design your own Soft Synth from the ground up. Drag and drop modular components, connect them with virtual "patch cords". Want to share your synth with others? SynthEdit's Save-as-VST function makes your own VST plugin synth or...

Dover Gadget Drawer SE 15  Science

30 modules, 300+ Synthedit prefabs ranging from subcontrol circuits to synths, fsu effects, drum sequencers, near complete copy/paste/save/load system for xox style patterns. 2 complete vst effects, and one vst synth.

Yarkor 1.0 Insert Piz Here  Misc. Multimedia Tools

This is kind of like "Robot Juice" but perhaps more organized and less unpredictable. But it does have more controls. By the way, don't download any of these. Get SynthEdit and make your own.

SEM Screenshot Tool 1.0.0 Christian Budde  Screen Capture

This handy Tool automatically generates screenshots of the SE modules and stores them as PNG file. It has been written to Automize SE module publishing . The rendering is done without SynthEdit itself, so the screenshots do do look a bit different.

Tatapoum VST 1.0 Tatapoum  Sound Tools

This is an open source project for the devlopment of Windows VST sample based drum machine plugin with browser and sequencer. The development is done using Synth Edit ( ). Tatapoum VST 1.0 License - Common Public License 1.0

Synthedit RndAuto 1.0 Synthedit  Misc. Multimedia Tools

Random automation module. Periodically changes value, either immediately or ramping from previous.

Synthedit Fmlfo 1.0 Synthedit  Misc. Multimedia Tools

Low (or high!) Frequency oscillator. Offset input is useful for creating tremolo effects. Phase input is useful for stereo effects. Frequency and Phase inputs can safely be modulated by secondary FMLFO's for frequency and phase modulation.