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"TI-99/4A BASIC" (ti99basic) is a version of Texas Instruments' BASIC as found in ROM on the TI-99/4A. You can use it in interactive mode or pass a BASIC file as a command line parameter.

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Win994a Simulator 3.0.09 BurrSoft  Utilities

Win994a is a TI-99/4A simulator written by Cory Burr that installs and runs in the Windows environment. It was written to simulate the TI-99/4A, not to emulate it perfectly. General Functionality: 1. Boots and runs all console ROM and GROM based functions including console BASIC. 2. CRU bits...

TurboForth 1.0 turboforth.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

A fast and compact Forth implementation for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Home Computer. Written by Mark Wills in TMS9900 assembly language. A completely self-contained Forth programming environment, hosted on a plug-in cartridge.

Parsec II 1.0 Parsec2  Arcade Style

A new bitmap mode side scrolling space game for the 1981 Texas Instruments TI-99/4A home computer. Parsec II 1.0 License - Public Domain

La piramide di Innuh 1.0 davbucci.chez-alice.fr  Misc. Games

Questo gioco A? un'avventura testuale: con l'aiuto di semplici comandi bisognerA aiutare il calcolatore a risolvere alcuni enigmi. Traduzione della versione per TI-99/4A, di Aristide Torrelli (MCmicrocomputer n. 33, settembre 1984).

Ti83PlusBasicCompiler 1.0 ti83pluscompile.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

The Ti83PlusBasicCompiler compiles TI-83 Plus BASIC programs into TI-83 Plus System Language (an assembly language). Optimization efforts focus on reducing the size of the system language file. Programs that span memory pages are not yet handled.

BASIC ASM to TI-83+ Z80 Compiler 0.04 bzc.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

BZC stands for BASIC ASM to TI-83+ Z80 Compiler. It is a compiler for programmers who want to easily create fast and powerful programs for the TI-83+ calculator without having to learn assembly language.

The TI-Basic Compiler 1.4.2 tibasic.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

The TI-Basic compiler compiles TI-BASIC code to the 8XP file format used on Texas Instruments calculators, namely the TI-83, TI-83+ and TI-84+.

Daisuke-Edit 1.1.5 daisuke.tk  Misc. Dev. Tools

Daisuke-Edit is a IDE for the Texas Instruments calculator's programming languaje: TI-BASIC. It opens/saves in the calculator format (For ti-89, ti-92 and voyage 200).

C-Lesh Programming Language 1.0 C-lesh  Misc. Dev. Tools

Have you ever wanted to program in a language similar to TI Basic? Then C-Lesh is the solution. C-Lesh is probably the closest thing you will get to a TI Basic interpreter. Create games with ease and enjoy a growing library of subroutines. Come check it C-Lesh Programming Language 1.0 License -...

C-compiler for TI-calculators 1.0 Tisdcc  Misc. Dev. Tools

tisdcc is a C-compiler and library for TI calculators with a z80-processor (TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI85 and TI-86). It allows high-level coding for these calculators without the slow speed of TI-BASIC and without the hassle of learning asm. C-compiler for TI-calculators 1.0 License -...