Tcl Automated Build System 1.0 in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Tcl automated build system -- system for automatic build of Tcl based starkits/starpacks and eTcl archives.

Related Software

Automated Build System Framework 1.0 Absf  Misc. Dev. Tools

Automated Build System Framework (ABFS) is a suite of UNIX shell scripts (BASH) to automate the building of any significantly complex software system. Automated Build System Framework 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

DevGuy Programmers' Canvas Toolkit Dgpctk  Misc. Dev. Tools

Automated build system. CVS commit / watch / tag notification via email, newsgroup, and/or IRC. Console-based file manipulation tools and utilities. XML-based file copy/FTP script. IRC session logger. Synchronize web site with CVS. GPL. Tested on DevGuy Programmers' Canvas Toolkit

kitgen build system 0.4.2 Rene  Misc. Dev. Tools

kitgen build system was specially designed as an Open Source framework that can help you generate TclkitLite executables. You can also use the kitgen build system to compile Tcl packages and build kit files for different operating systems.

KISS build system 1.0 Kissbuildsystem  Misc. Dev. Tools

The KISS build is a very simple build system for a entire linux(/gnu/uclibc) systemIt is something between an automated LSF and a gentoo distribution without adanced packaging featuresIt consists of a simple script that download and build for you KISS build system 1.0 License - GNU General...

Automated Attendance System 0.1  Sound Tools

Automated Attendance System (AAS) uses 2 modes for authentication - * Voice Identification System (VIS) * Fingerprinting MethodThe algorithms used for the same has been developed by me. This algo is more efficient and faster.

Blind Snake build system 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

The Blind Snake Build System is an extremely customizable python based build system that leverages existing Ant tasks to build and deploy J2EE projects. It supplies default tasks that enable it to build and deploy many projects automatically.

Cake Build System  Misc. Dev. Tools

Cake is a build system that combines the flexibility of Python build scripts with an incremental build speed that matches build systems written in C/C++. It requires Python 2.4-3.2 and natively supports Windows, Linux, Mac, Cygwin, MSVC and GCC.

Continuous Automated Build Environment 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

Continuous Automated Build and Integration Environment. Cabie is a multi-platform, multi-cm client/server based application providing both command line and web-based access to real time build monitoring, execution and deployment information.

MakeKit Build System 0.1  Misc. Dev. Tools

MakeKit is an extensible, composable, modular build system for POSIX environments. MakeKit can build both standalone source projects or large projects with multiple interdependent source components in a single efficient build pass.

MidWatch: Automated Build Engine 0.1.53  Misc. Dev. Tools

MidWatch is an automated build engine for compiling large scale Visual C++ products in the Win32 environment (based on the .dsp file). Currently, it integrates with ClearCase, Install Shield 5.1, RPM and MSI