tcpIQ Thread Pool 1.0

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tcpIQ Thread Pool is a .Net component for the efficient and elegant management of multiple threads in a .Net application.The .Net Framework provides thread creation and advanced synchronisation functionality but once multiple threads are running there is no native functionality for the suspension or abortion of a collection of threads. To solve the problems with the tracking, suspension and termination of multiple threads, tcpIQ has developed...

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Simple C Thread Pool 1.0  Components and Libraries

This is a simple implementation of thread pool written in C. The implementation is based on POSIX pthreads.

Smart Thread Pool  Misc. Utils.

Smart Thread Pool is a rich thread pool implemented in pure .net and can run on Windows, WindowsCE, Silverlight, ASP.NET, and Mono.

an simple thread pool for linux 1.02 Thd-pool-linux  Misc. Dev. Tools

an simple thread pool in linux, based on POSIX thread API. Management thread will retrieve needless idle thread to keep in low resource consumption. an simple thread pool for linux 1.02 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Cotaman 0.1  Components and Libraries

CoTaMan - Concurrent Task Manager is a library based on Boost that allows you to easily run a set of tasks with known dependencies on multiple threads that are managed in a thread pool.

IVJ Logger 1.0  Documentation

<b>JAVA LOGGING API that targets:<br>- Simplicity (1 line to init & log, no external objects)<br>- Maintability (auto monthly & yearly archives)<br>- Performance (bckg min priority thread pool)<br>- Extensibility (simple design)<br>Try it!</b>

Java Utilities for TIGR projects 2.0.6  Misc. Dev. Tools

The project contains a collection of general-purpose Java utility classes including unique ID generators, thread pool management classes, as well as various utility classes for email and testing.

Plugin ThreadPool C++ 7  Misc. Dev. Tools

The command pattern and chain of responsibility pattern lends itself elegantlyfor the implementation of the Thread Pool design. Wrap the method using the command object and submit it to the tread pool;there is no needd to change the existing source

ThreadPool for Delphi 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

With this class framework for Delphi (>=2010) you can implement any kind of specialized thread pool's. It introduces 3 base classes TPoolTask, TPoolWorker and the TPoolManager. You have to derive each of them for your work... See the Features!

vfTasks parallelization library 1.1.3  Components and Libraries

vfTasks is a C library to ease the implementation of concurrent tasks: thread pool to efficiently create and reuse tasks, highly efficient inter-task synchronization, and streaming interfaces to stream data from one task to another.

WebLOQ IO 1.0 Loqio  Misc. Utils.

WebLOQ IO is a Java NIO framework which allows for tens of thousands of concurrent TCP/IP connections through a very small thread pool (assuming proper OS and network settings). There is built in support for SSL and non-SSL connections. WebLOQ IO 1.0 License - MIT License