The Big Project 1.0 in Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

A complex mashup of FLOSS project and Linux Distro

Related Software

alifegames 1.0  Misc. Games

We distribute our first person shooter bSerene (a Direct3D-game with artificial life monsters) here and work towards launching our big project, the creation of true artificial intelligence.

CVSSupport 1.3  Misc. Dev. Tools

A suite of CVS goodies written in perl for the harried Big Project Administrator.

NoBigProject 1.0 Nobigproject  Misc. Dev. Tools

This is No Big Project NoBigProject 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

MiniMon 1.1 IntelliMind Interactive Software  Misc. Internet

A basic utility that monitors your webpage counter by displaying it in a small window on your desktop. Track your webpage visits while working on the next big project. User settable refresh intervals of 15, 30 or 60 seconds. Know how many hits you are getting without opening a web-browser to...

NxtBoard 0.1beta  Misc. Internet

This is an ASP.NET Forum still under development, started out as a learning trajectory and now hopefully becoming a big project. built in C#, all help is approved if it can teach me a trick or two. (All screenshots are as-is and may be subject to change)

VictorAAC 1.0 Victoraac  Misc. Games

victoraac - AutomaticAccountCreator by Victor for open-tibia servers. It's like NicawAAC. VictorAAC is using POT (php otserv toolkit) coded by Wrzasq. This AAC is small and don't big project, codding by young php programmer. VictorAAC 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

ProjectKeeper 1.2.1 Voyager Enterprises, LLC  Productivity

**- Newest features in the latest version -** - Bug Fixes - Updated for iOS 5 Compatibility - New months view with calendar component - Project time now displays in HMS format rather than just hours Bringing you an easy to use and simplistic design, ProjectKeeper allows you to keep track of your...

ReadyLayouts Brochure Templates 1.0 Ready Layouts Brochure Templates  Graphic Editors

Brochure Templates in Indesign, Quark, Corel help you create multipage brochures in minutes.Start your projects with most of the work already done. Templates with complete Design and Artwork. The brochure templates are agency quality and have upto 12 pages. Create Professional looking Brochure...

Computer History Graphing Project 0.9.2  Documentation

The Computer History Graphing Project is a project to graph every computer standard, every piece of hardware, every OS, and every computer language in one big family tree.

Hierarchical Project Tree 0.95  Misc. Dev. Tools

This tool is designed to help break a project down into smaller and smaller chunks, allowing you to go into fine detail without losing sight of the big picture.Particularly good for certain types of dyslexia.