The Containers Library 1.0

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Projet C++ de l'IUT Informatique d'Aix-en-Provence 2010 : RA©alisation d'une bibliothA?que de conteneurs gA©nA©riques. Par Yassine AZIMANI, Benjamin DADI, Thomas DI'MECO, Guillaume MIKOLAJCZYK et Brice VALENZA. BibliothA?que de conteneurs gAnAriques C++ The Containers Library 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Containers Library by Mickev team 1.0 Contmickev  Components and Libraries

Projet de C++ de l'IUT Informatique d'Aix en Provence 2A?me annA©e. By : -KA©vin Michelet -Alexandre Giraud -Vincent Pruvost -Mickael Tourneur -Stijn Waegemans Containers Library by Mickev team 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL)

Another Delphi Structures Library 080  Misc. Dev. Tools

Delphi library of standard containers for keeping ordinal and structured datatypes.

Interval Container Library (ICL) 1.0  Components and Libraries

Interval Container Library (ICL): An STL based generic library for computations on intervals, interval containers and cubes

qLibc - Complete C/C++ Library 2.0.2  Components and Libraries

The goal of qLibc project is providing general purpose complete C/C++ library which includes all kinds of containers and general library routines. For example, it contains Doubly Linked List, List Table, Hash Table, Vector, Queue, Stack and more.

The Strinx Library 0.80  Components and Libraries

The Strinx library is collection of string-algorithms and containers, designed for resource-efficient software development in modern multi-threaded environments.

Priority Managing Container Library 1.0 Pmcontainer  Components and Libraries

The priority managing container library extends the C++ STL stack and queue containers, allowing the assignment of a priority to each object in the container and providing various schemes for managing those priorities. Priority Managing Container Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser...

Tag & Query Library (TQLib) 1.0 Jfq  Components and Libraries

A Java library that lets you assign tags to arbitrary containers (e.g., files, images, e-mails etc) and then execute a query to select a particular subset of a collection of them. An example query could look like the following: "[Sunny] AND [Spain] Tag & Query Library (TQLib) 1.0 License...

AVSLib 2  Video Editors

AVSLib is an extension library to the Avisynth non-linear video editor, offering a rich set of new features: filters (animation, editing, runtime and more), array containers & operators, debugging tools, math & string functions and many more.

DYL (DynaBits Library) 1.2  Misc. Dev. Tools

DYL (DynaBits Libray) is a C++ library of generic classes and functions that enhance the STL. It offers polymorphic containers, portable strings and paths, algorithms with function/method parameters and much more...

STLplus C++ library collection 3.03.08  Components and Libraries

Containers to extend STL: graph, tree, matrix, smart-pointer. Persistence (serialisation) of C++ data structures. Portability: subprocesses, TCP, file system. Reusable subsystems: library manager, message handler. Portable between OSs and compilers.