The Java Data Access Object Framework 1.0

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Framework for abstracting persistence layers in Java. This framework was designed to facilitate a classic DAO pattern where interfaces are defined and impls are created. The framework handles aliasing and creation of impls. XML based config. The Java Data Access Object Framework 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

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GDA - Generics Data Access 1.0 Gda-net  Misc. Dev. Tools

GDA - Generics Data Access, is framework to object-relational mapping (a programming technique for converting data between incompatible type systems in databases and Object-oriented programming languages) using c#. GDA - Generics Data Access 1.0 License - Open Software License 3.0 (OSL3.0)

Data Access Objects 3 5 CodeFutures Corporation  Utilities

The Data Access Object (DAO) layer is an essential part of good application architecture. Business applications almost always need access to data from relational or object databases and the Java platform offers many techniques for accessing this data. The oldest and most mature technique is to...

daoxgen 1.0  Code Management

Data Access Object XML-based Generator is a tool for automatic generation of Java code for the data layer. It imports a database schema and generates DAO classes for single or multiple tables. It stores the schema and user-defined classes as XML.

DAOFactory 1.0 Daofactory  Misc. Dev. Tools

DAOFactory is a java based source code generator that creates dependent objects using JDBC that implement the Data Access Object (DAO) pattern. DAOFactory uses an XML based file to define how the source code should be generated. DAOFactory can also intr

jDaoGen 1.0 Jdaogen  Misc. Dev. Tools

Java DAO (Data Access Object) code generator. jDaoGen 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Efreet 1.0.19 Efreet  Misc. Dev. Tools

Efreet is a java package that implements DAO (data access object) patterns based on XML files. The purpose is to provide an option for those wishing to implement an easy-to-use data base access. Efreet 1.0.19 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2)

Seam4J 1.0 Seam4j  Misc. Dev. Tools

Is a very powerful architecture framework for designing enterprise scale J2EE applications, providing data access object component management, automatic RDBMS schema creation, powerful aspect oriented support, IoC and requires no mapping stuff for pojos Seam4J 1.0 License - Apache Software License

SingletDAO 1.0.2  Misc. Dev. Tools

SingletDAO is a simple java data access frame work to access data in database. A Single Data Access Object to access data in database and eliminates writing custom DAOs. Easy to plug-in. Easy to manage SQL queries. Supports JSON.

DataQuicker 0.9.4  Code Management

DataQuicker is a data access layer framework. It helps us to cut down, accelerate development and decrease risks. It's more possible to provide our customers a perfect on-time project, and release us away from working over-time and delay.

OpenDaoGen 0.5  Code Management

A quick and easy open source Data Access Object code generator. Generates PHP4 code currently.