The Wizard's Apprentice 1 5

Dion Nicolaas in Multimedia

It will allow you to ask questions from a script file, using Windows dialog boxes in the so-called Wizard style: large dialogs asking one question at a time, with a Back button, a Next button and a Cancel button. Using a well-described and portable API you can create a wealth of commonly used dialog controls. With a few common scripting techniques, the Wizard's Apprentice will allow you to create wizards with style!

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Wizard's Apprentice 15  Misc. Utils.

The Wizard's Apprentice is an application that allows you to ask questions from a script. It uses Windows dialog boxes in the so-called Wizard style: dialogs asking one question at a time, with a Back button, a Next button and a Cancel button.

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The Misadventures of Flink is very colorful and cartoon-like, and is comparable with Ubisoft's Rayman, The evil wizard Wicked Wainwright has captured the four elders and it is up to Flink, a wizard's apprentice, to set them free and defeat Wicked Wainwright.

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Only you can find the missing Wizard in The Wizard`s Pen, a spellbinding Hidden Object game. The clues to the Wizard`s whereabouts are in his workbook, but all the pages are blank. Use a magic pen to uncover and guess the image on each page. Every image you uncover brings you closer to finding...

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Wizard's Duel is a small engine for a multiplayer text based RPG, written in C. Damage is based on a number of user defined options, such as weapon, class, etc, as is dodging. It is multiplayer; the two players alternate turns. Currently, a shell is s

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Simple to use Just follow the Wizard's instructions to quickly port your databases to and from the device. Fast Database copying is extremely fast, making it a joy to use. Try it now! Easy to setup Just set it up on yor desktop computer and you are ready to go in less than five minutes....

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Call freephone 0800 numbers from your mobile using your bundled minutes, brought to you by Leon Doyle from this year's Apprentice. We have been disappointed by the UK mobile operators, as they continue to charge 15p per minute or higher for calls to 0800. Consequently we have developed the...

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A legend of Maribor, European capital of culture 2012. This app is in slovenian, you can also check out our english version: THE SHOEMAKER'S APPRENTICE. Legenda o Cevljarcku, ki je resil Maribor in njegove prebivalce pred unicujocim napadom. Slikanica, ki je nastala na podlagi istoimenske...