Touch Bible Loaded 3.3.1

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Touch Bible Loaded Download

Touch Bible reads the Bible to you! 8 Bibles WITHOUT needing internet! 60,000+ incredible study notes. *Strong's and Easton's Book definitions * Video

Touch Bible will help you read the entire bible in less than a year. The flexible, built-in, reading plan, speaking ability, and non-internet requirement means you can read or listen to the bible anywhere you go.

* * Touch Bible Loaded * *
Touch Bible Loaded shines! Touch Bible Loaded is an entirely new app with more benefits that you'll love.

* * Voice Bible * *
Press Play -- Touch Bible READS the bible out loud! LISTEN to the Bible in several verses with different reading speeds and accents. Works OFFLINE! Pause the reading or start from any verse. Access study notes while you listen for a fantastic study experience. Voice Bible requires iOS 7 or later.

You'll wonder how you ever did without:
- MANY thousands of additional study content (keep reading to see what is new)
- More Bibles (read two at once!)

** Grow with more Study Material **
? There are 60,000 study & translators notes in the New English Translation.
--Move over standard Bible footnotes!
--NET Notes are amazing. You'll love them for their wealth of knowledge.
--Touch Bible Loaded has over 60,000 NET notes! (compared to Touch Bible Free with 11,000 NET Notes)
? Strong's definitions in the KJV (with extra definitions) linked to the words, only a tap away.
--It's like having NET Notes on virtually every word in the KJV.
? Each book has an Easton's Bible Dictionary definition.
--It will help you understand more about the book you are reading.

? NET -New English Translation (modern english) + 60,000 Study & Translators Notes
? KJV -King James Version + Strong's Definitions & IPD
? WEB -World English Bible
? DBY -Darby
? BBE -Bible in Basic English
? ASV -American Standard Version
? YLT -Young's Literal Translation
? WBS -Websters Bible

** NET Bible **
Question: What is your favorite Bible translation?
Answer: The one that best helps you understand the original language.
The NET Bible with its translators notes give you exactly that. An easy to read Bible that is true to the original languages and perfect for reading along in church!

** More Benefits **
? Dial a Verse - Touch Bible's way of looking up scripture FAST (See Screenshots)
? Multi-Version - Read two versions at one time on one screen!
--TIP: View both KJV & NET on one screen at the same time; have access to notes and concordance on one screen!
? Shake a Verse - Like flipping through the pages of a book to find a page to read
? Fast & intelligent keyword search with verse preview & many search options
? Bookmarks - Includes Verse Preview!
? Keep personal study notes, even while you read!
--Attach notes to Verses, they appear in the margin! (works in horizontal mode)
? Highlight verses
? Readability - spread out words, adjustable font sizes
--Paragraph Mode - Read in the traditional line by line format, or read in paragraph form
--Night Mode - for reading in low light situations
? Online Study - Thousands of articles on topics through out the Bible.
-- Feel richly blessed by the biblical knowledge others have passed down.
? Reading Plan - the best way to understand context.
-- Touch Bible Loaded comes with a built-in reading plan that stays with your pace.
? Touch Bible Loaded is so inexpensive
-- It's a lot of app for a tiny price!

** Visually Impaired **
Touch Bible uses VoiceOver to make Bible study easier for the visually impaired. (touch bible dot com slash voice over)

** Touch Bible Free **
Try Touch Bible Free. It is not a watered down app. It's God's word the way it should be... free, no ad distractions, and no need to be plugged in to the internet. If you decide you want more study content please move to Touch Bible Loaded.


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