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Supported Handsets: Nokia 7610 Supernova 6260 Slide 1680, 2323, 2330, 2600, 2610 2626 2630 2865 2660 2680 Slide 2700, 2720 Fold 2730, 2760 2865i 3109, 3110, 3120, 3155 3155i 3500, 3555 3600 Slide 3610 Fold 3710 Fold 3720, 5000 5070 5030 XpressRadio ...


Supported Handsets: Nokia 7610 Supernova 6260 Slide 1680, 2323, 2330, 2600, 2610 2626 2630 2865 2660 2680 Slide 2700, 2720 Fold 2730, 2760 2865i 3109, 3110, 3120, 3155 3155i 3500, 3555 3600 Slide 3610 Fold 3710 Fold 3720, 5000 5070 5030 XpressRadio 5130 XpressMusic 5140i 5200 5220 XpressMusic 5300 5310 XpressMusic 5330 XpressMusic 5610 XpressMusic 6060 6080 6085 6086 6101 6102 6102i 6103 6111 6125 6126 6131 6131 NFC 6133 6136 6151 6155 6155i 6208, 6212, 6230i 6233 6234 6235 6235i 6255 6263 6265 6265i 6267 6270 6275 6280 6282 6288 6300 6300i 6301 6303, 6500, 6500 Slide 6555 6600 Fold 6600 Slide 6600i Slide 6700, 7020 7070 Prism 7100 Supernova 7210 Supernova 7310 7310 Supernova 7360 7370 7373 7390 7500 Prism 7510 Supernova 7900 Prism 8600 Luna 8800 8800 Arte 8800 Sapphire Arte 8800 Gold Arte 8800 Sirocco Edition 8800 Carbon Arte 8801 6822 Samsung SGH-G600 ,S5050 ,S5200 ,S3310 ,J600 ,D900i ,D908 ,E200 ,E210 ,E720 ,E740 ,E830 ,E898 ,F210 ,F330 ,L170 ,P260 ,T539 Beat ,X680 ,X510 ,X520 ,U700 ,G600 ,M300 ,M600 ,M610 ,M8910 Pixon12 ,C520 ,C130 ,F500 ,U900 ,X500 ,X630 ,Z170 ,Z240 ,ZV50 ,GT-S5320 ,GT-B2700 ,GT-S7330 Sony Ericsson>C510 ,C702 ,C901 ,C901 Green Heart ,C902 ,C903 ,C905 ,D750 ,F305 ,G502 ,G705 ,G900 ,Aino ,Idou ,K310i ,K320 ,K510i ,K530 ,K550 ,K600i ,K608i ,K610i ,K618 ,K630 ,K660 ,K750i ,K770 ,K790 ,K800i ,K810i ,K850 ,Naite ,R300 ,R306 ,S302 ,S500 ,T250 ,T280 ,T303 ,T650 ,T700 ,T707 ,T715 ,V600i ,V630 ,V640 ,W200 ,W205 ,W300i ,W302 ,W350 ,W380 ,W395 ,W508 ,W550 ,W580 ,W595 ,W600 ,W610 ,W660 ,W700i ,W705 ,W710i ,W715 ,W760 ,W800i ,W810i ,W830 ,W850i ,W880 ,W880i ,W888 ,W890 ,W900 ,W902 ,W910 ,W950 ,W960 ,W980 ,W995 ,Yari ,Z250 ,Z310 ,Z320 ,Z520i ,Z525a ,Z530i ,Z550i ,Z555 ,Z558i ,Z610i ,Z750 ,Z770 ,Z780 ,W220*

Vopium J2ME 1. 3. 2000 Phone VoIP - PC to PC software developed by Vopium A/S. The license of this phone voip - pc to pc software is freeware, the price is free, you can free download and get a fully functional freeware version of Vopium J2ME. Do not use illegal warez version, crack, serial numbers, registration codes, pirate key for this phone voip - pc to pc freeware Vopium J2ME. Always use genuine version that is released by original publisher Vopium A/S.

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