WeatherLink 5. 9. 2003

Davis Instuments Corp. in Home & Personal

WeatherLink is developed by Davis Instuments Corp. The Vantage Vue weather station is supported in this software version. Fixes USB driver dropout issue. If a dropout is detected the driver is reloaded and a remark is added to the log file. “Expansion_Modules” folder will now be created automatically regardless of whether you have installed any expansion modules. Wind Direction calibration can now be done via software....

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WeatherLink GUI fixer 1.0 Wxlinkguifixer  Science

Expansion module for Davis' WeatherLink that will modify the GUI behavior, specifically hiding the unwanted 'Upload Progress' dialog, among other improvements. WeatherLink GUI fixer 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

VPLive SoftWx, Inc.  Utilities

VPLive is a software that connects to a Davis Vantage Pro 1 or 2 Weather Station console and displays the live data. It calculates the station pressure (i.e. actual pressure), altimeter pressure, and running averages needed to properly generate and send APRS/CWOP data. It can run WeatherLink...