WidsMob Montage 1.6.1170

WidsMob Technology Co., Ltd. in Multimedia \ Graphic Editors

Montage Maker turns everything into mosaic photographs. You can set both JPEG and PNG into mosaic, the program supports photo mosaic, tile mosaic, shape mosaic and other photo mosaic types. What is more, you can also design photo montage in shape according to any template. Whether you need to add special frames to mosaic, or use different mosaic modes, you can choose different frames to make the mosaic photograph special. Both tile mode and...

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iFotosoft Photo Montage for Mac 2.1.2152 iFotosoft Ltd.  Graphic Editors

Just looking for some photo collage templates or mosaic photos? Need to make gorgeous montage photos as profession. iFotosoft Photo Montage is a special photomontage maker to create stunning mosaic photo with many tile-images. The advanced tiling techniques and special effects empower you to...

Easy Photo Mosaic Maker Home Edition 12.0 EZMOSAIC COM.LTD.  Misc. Graphics

Easy Photo Mosaic Maker Home Edition is a useful art application which allows you to create mosaic files from your photo collections (made of thousands of small pictures). You might already have seen photo mosaics in commercials, magazines and other marketing media. It can be used as personal...

Qmos 1.0 Quentin Lambert  Misc. Graphics

Qmos is a handy and reliable application designed to convert images into uniquely drawn mosaics. Qmos uses a library of images in order to create the tiles that ultimately compose the final mosaic picture. Users can adjust tile colors and sizes, as well as symmetry and rotation angles.

AndreaMosaic Portable 3.33.00 Andrea Denzler  Misc. Graphics

AndreaMosaic is a little software designed to create mosaics made with photographs. To create a mosaic you need a collection of images to use for the tiles of the mosaic and you also need an image to use for the original, as a matrix for the mosaics. Then you can set the parameters of the...

Mosaizer Pro 9.2 B142 1.0 APP Helmond  Graphic Editors

Mosaizer Pro is a set of professional digital creativity tools to work with a large number of bitmaps. Alpha masks, 3D effects, textures, post-processing filters and user-made masks are key for creative photo editing. One of the special tools, the 'Mosaizer', recreates a picture from pieces of...

MosariZer 0.2.2 Alpha 1.0 Max Gulde  Misc. Graphics

Photo mosaics are high resolution pictures consisting of a huge number of individual images. This imaging software will ultimately allow users to individually generate, modify and save photo mosaics. I am more than happy for any feedback, so don't hesitate to drop me a message.

PixPattern 1.0 ImageSkill Software  Graphic Editors

PixPattern is an extremely user friendly and smart Photoshop compatible plugin for Windows designed by ImageSkill Software. It allows you to transform your photographs into a mosaic that is formed from a set of polygons differing in shape and angle. The plugin keeps the original color content of...

MosaAZc Studio Serif Inc.  File & Disk Management

Mosaic Studio makes mosaic images that are comprisedof tens of thousands of tiny cell images. It considersthousands of images for each possible location and picks the best match. This version features license, readme, and whatsnew text files and an installation problem fix.