Windows Drivers Template Library 0.2 in Development \ Code Management

Drivers Template Library for WinNT/2K(ME)/XP. At this time required VCC 6.0(5.0) and DDK.

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Windows Driver Station 1.00 Alpha Lennie Araki  Misc. Graphics

Windows Driver Station is project that has been specially designed to be an Open Source C/C++ native Win32 implementation of a FIRST Driver Station written using Windows Template Library. The Windows Template Library was created as a C++ library for developing Windows applications and UI...

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C Template Library 050712  Code Management

SQUAT/CTL is a platform independant macro template library for C/C++. It provides container, template, serialization and code generation patterns for the C/C++ language family based on C preprocessor macros.

Generic Standard Template Library for C 0.3.2  Misc. Dev. Tools

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C++ template library that is free to use. Mostly of beginners because of the straight forward coding process. An attempt at making an easy to understand ADT foundation that can be customized to the needs of the developer. MTL- Mike's Template Library 1.0 License - Public Domain

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