XML Mapping standard 1.0

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This project is a specification proposal for a XML Mapping standard for XSL Transformation. A xml mapping file which conforms to the this XML Mapping standard can be parsed to generate XSL Transformation to support transformation for mutiple xml files. X

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OXmlEd is an easy to use, open source object-XML Mapping library for working with XML on the Java platform.It is based on Dom4jbut it doesnt depend on dom4j.

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An XML based standard for representing poker hand histories. XML Poker Hand History Standard 1.0 License - Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL)

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TogMap is a module for the CASE Tool Together which generates XML-mapping-files for OR-Mappers. It takes an existingobject model, which you can augment by OR-specific markers, and produces an XML-mapping file. Currently only for Castor-JDO.

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DruideDB is an embedded database (based on Object/XML mapping files) for Java applications. Both source code (DAO) and persistence layer (mapping) is generated. This DB stores everything as strings and handle auto-increments and multiple PKs. Druide DB : XML database API for java b.0.9.7 License...

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mzSquash 1.1 mzsquash.sourceforge.net  Science

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O2XMapper 0.3 o2xmapper.sourceforge.net  Code Management

O2XMapper provides a user interface for creating Castor XML mapping files. JDOMapper provides a user interface for creating Castor JDO mapping files.

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This is a collection of tools to be used in working with Term Base eXchange (TBX); an open, XML based standard for exchanging structured terminological data submitted for adoption under ISO 30042 Technical Committee 37.