XML Viewer 2

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XML Viewer 2

MindFusion's XML Viewer is used to examine the contents of an XML file in an easy-to-use environment. In addition you can make modification to the XML such as insering and deleting items as well as adding and deleting properties to existing items.MindFusion's XML Viewer offers you also drag-and-drop option to manipulate the files more easily.

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McCoy XML Viewer 2.1.0 Brad McCoy  Business

McCoy XML Viewer is a compact program that is able to load an XML file and to edit its properties. The application displays the XML structure and the properties of each node and allows you to add new items. You can use this editor to browse the structure of an XML document and to edit its...

XML Viewer Plus 1.01 Alex Nolan  Misc. Dev. Tools

XML Viewer Plus is basically a text editor written especially for viewing and editing XML files. However it also has the ability to validate the XML structure and format the code. XML Viewer Plus was designed to be an editor that would allow you to see and change the code as raw XML because I...

Mitec XML Viewer MiTeC  Home & Personal

XML Viewer is a free program that allows users to view XML files with data inspector and syntax highlighted view on source. The Main window provides info about the selected XML file, organized in three tabs. The first tab shows a tree view of the document, the second tab shows a source view and...

Word 2003 XML Viewer Control 1.0 Oleg Tkachenko  XML/CSS Tools

Word 2003 XML Viewer Control is ASP.NET 2.0 Web server control, which allows to display arbitrary Microsoft Word 2003 XML documents (WordML) on ASP.NET pages. Word 2003 XML Viewer Control is Web version of the Microsoft Word 2003 XML Viewer tool. Full sources included. Supports images, headers,...

Word 2003: XML Viewer 2.0 Microsoft Coporation  XML/CSS Tools

The Microsoft Office Word 2003 XML Viewer allows people who create WordprocessingML files in Office 2003 Editions to share their documents with people who do not have Word 2003 installed on their computers. When you post WordprocessingML documents on the Internet, you can include the Word XML...

PlainXML 2.5 linkedin.com  Misc. Dev. Tools

Lightweight XML processor; XML-POJO mapping via Java5 annotations or DTD; Preprocessing of XML documents using expression language; Binary XML; RMI friendly XML; JSON format support; XML marshall/unmarshall; HTML as XML parser; Swing XML Viewer

Plush Player 0.1 plushplayer.sourceforge.net  Drawing and CAD

Contains 1.) A XML-Viewer for displaying 3D scenes with the 3D-plush library. 2.) A material editor which allows interactive manipulating materials of objects in a scene. Developed with DJGPP. Runs in Dosbox only.

XMLMax Viewer Xponent LLC  Business

XMLMax Viewer is a handy and reliable application designed to display XML files in a basic, yet efficient manner. XMLMax Vieweris able to handle XML documents of any size and features two viewing possibilitie, namely source and tree visualization.

Nucleon File Master Nucleon Software  Business

Nucleon File Master is handy and reliable viewer for AutoCAD P&ID DCFX, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Visual FoxPro, XML, dBase, SQLite, EffiProz, IBM Lotus Notes, Paradox, CSV, Text and Html Table file formats. Using Nucleon File Master you can easily open your files and visualize...

PanView Panoramic Image Viewer 1.0 TUFaT.com  Flash Tools

Over a dozen configurable settings are available in the external XML file, which is loaded at run-time. You can therefore configure the panoramic viewer without any knowledge of Flash. Sounds, CSS settings, and the JPG background are all loaded externally. The JPG must be a non-progressive image....