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Zyrca's Decal Plugins for Asheron's Call

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Andrew's Plugins vol (PC Plugins for Photoshop and others) 1 Graphicxtras.com  Graphic Viewers

Andrew's Plugins Vol 1 - Mixed plugins46 Mixed - powerful plugins effects, frames, edge effects, psychdelic, nightmarish, subtle, dotty, jarring, blur effects, color channel mixers, posterization, color threshold effects and more. A powerful set of amazing plugins for many applications. A demo is...

Saquirr's Decal Plugins 1.0 Alink2  Misc. Games

Saquirr's Plugins For Asheron's Call. Written in MS Visual Basic 6.0 Saquirr's Decal Plugins 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

OriSVG 1.0 Orisvg  XML/CSS Tools

OriSVG attends to give some help to origami diagrams designers by providing markers, arrows, strokes and preformated diagrams in SVG language, and some Inkscape's plugins and scripts. OriSVG 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

MP3 Stream Editor Plugin SDK 1.0 Mp3sesdk  Misc. Graphics

Source code for most of MP3 Stream Editor's Plugins.Access MP3 Stream Editor's exported functions, make DSP, visualisation, stream processing or general purpose plugins.Sources are available for making your own audio stream Edit Format Plugin also. MP3 Stream Editor Plugin SDK 1.0...

LabWiki 1.0 Labwiki  Misc. Inf. Tools

Luke Blanshard's plugins for TiddlyWiki (see tiddlywiki.com) LabWiki 1.0 License - BSD License; Fair License

Knowbody Stamp It 5.7.2 Knowbody  Text Editors

Knowbody's plugins are now selling in the whole world. Knowbody is pleased to find, that the intensive effort done in order to tell the world about our special InDesign plugin developments now is showing great responses. The Stamp It plugin has become a big success. Especially big advertising...

Java Image Segmentation Methods 1.0 Jism  Visual Basic

JisM is a multi-threads program allowing users to perform segmentation's tasks on a picture. Users could add new segmentation methods as JisM's plugins. Plugins can be written in Java or in Python. Java Image Segmentation Methods 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

GrALoG- Graph,Algorithms,Logic and Games 0.91 gralog.sourceforge.net  Science

GrALoG is a tool for editing and visualising graph-like-structures and the results of algorithms running on them. Through it's plugins GrALoG is hugely extendable, i.e. plugin-developers can define their own graph-like structures and algorithms.

Andrew's Plugins vol 3 (PC Plugins for Photoshop and others) 1 Graphicxtras.com  Graphic Viewers

14 colour effect plugins for Photoshop, great for photographic effects. Simple to use colour effects is the emphasis of this set.

Andrew's Plugins vol 4 (PC Plugins for Photoshop and others) 1.1.3 Graphicxtras.com  Graphic Viewers

30 Photoshop plugins with the emphasis on unusual blurring and intense line and dot effects. Also comes with some emboss and textured effect plugins. Some truly - wonderful smearing and blurry and bleary as well as darkening smudge effects in this set as well as out of foucs shots, shakes and...